Cloth sanitary users (Poss TMI)

Did you use your cloth protection for bleeding after birth? Did it cope?


  • I think you can get specific ones for pp. Do you have a lot of night ones? Not sure normal ones would cope for the first few days.

  • No, no nighttime specific ones (because my periods are never that heavy / seem to ease off at nighttime -- i suspect i am v.lucky!)

    Hmmm maybe i should get a few disposable maternity pads and can then mix&match - might also persuade midwifes i havent upped & left for planet hippy. LOL

  • Might be hippyish but they are so much comfier!

  • I didn't know these existed! Where do you get them from?/ what ones are reccommended?

  • I have ones from wee notions, eco rainbow and little gumnut. Love them all!

  • I'd heard of cloth for babies but never sanitary cloth. well you learn something new every day!

  • I'd recommend them Carole - comfort wise, penny-pinching wise and general saving the planet wise  Wink

  • I've been pondering these on and off for ages. The only thing I'm not sure about it washing - do you put them in with the main wash or hand wash them?

  • I usually put them in with nappies or you can buy mesh bags to wash them in alongside others.

    I know the thought of them puts people off but they are very comfy and chemical free so can make periods lighter apparently. Ive noticed less pain. No harm trying them :-)

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