How does this present? A has pale yellow gunk in the corners of her eyes and has woken up from a nap with quite puffy eyes. Is there anything I can do to help her?


  • F had this a few weeks ago. We were away for the weekend so popped into the local chemist and asked the pharmacist to take a look. Luckily, as F is 2, the pharmacist was able to give us some drops for it and they worked a treat after just a day. We were told that if F had been under 2 years then we'd have had to see a doctor. Can you perhaps get an appoinment tomorrow?

    ETA it started out with slightly crust eyes when he woke up for a couple of days. I didn't think anything of it until literally in the space of a couple of hours one eye in particular looked really gunky and the eyelid was red and a bit swollen. He'd also been in a foul mood that week which I think was connected. 

  • Yeah, I could get an appointment tomorrow for her, they have a drop in so will pop by in the morning

  • Sebastian has had it over 2 weeks. We started with chloramphenicol which he had a few weeks ago but it was no better so go fusithalmic acid but that didn't help either! Wasn't actually red puffy but very bloodshot and swollen. It's been round nursery and one of the staff had fungal eye infection which I assume it was. We've all had it! Worth a trip to gp but bathe with boiled water in mean while
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