Constant headache

I've had a headache since Saturday and its just not shifting. I drink 3-4 litres water a day, no caffeine. I took paracetamol on Saturday but have tried to take anything since. It's really bad when I bend over, but I don't think it's sinus pain. 

Any ideas what this could be? Or how to help it? 


  • How far along are you? I had terrible headaches until I was about 20 weeks pregnant. Mine was low blood pressure x

  • I had those headaches in 2nd tri, they would last 3 days at a time they were awful. I don't think there was a reason other than general pregnancy though.

  • 16 weeks. Now that interesting, I had my BP taken yesterday and told it was low again.

  • That's what my problem was, my blood pressure was low all the way through but once the placenta starts taking over the headaches start to ease off and will eventually go x

  • Thanks Lauren. Maybe it is rated to the BP then.

  • I don't want to worry you but definitely get it checked out...I had a constant headache for 10 days a couple of weeks ago and ended up being rushed into hospital for four days. I think mine was an extreme case but please get checked just to be safe.

  • I had a mw appointment yesterday and she wasnt concerned

    Thanks though x

  • Mine was worse on movement too and when I saw my midwife and doctor neither were worried, I had to take myself to hospital eventually when it got so bad. It's reassuring that your bp was normal. Keep an eye on it and I hope it goes soon!

  • Can I ask what caused yours?

    What made you go to hospital?

  • The pain was really severe when I went to hospital, I had excess fluid build up on my brain which needed to be drained - like I say though this is rare however when I saw a post about headaches I couldn't not mention it.

  • Thanks Cornelious.  I hope you're on the mend now.

    I wouldn't say my head is as painful as you describe. In wondering if it due to my BP.

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