Contraception - when did you sort it out?

As baby is likely to be here in the next 2-3 weeks max I've started thinking about contraception. 

What did you ladies go for and when did you arrange it? The thought of another pregnancy terrifies me at this point, and we are agreed on no more kids anyway 


  • at my 6 week check up, but had condoms in for before that (not that we did much shagging before 6 week check )

  • Cheers Twink. I was thinking condoms are going to be the quick fix solution, but I hate them! Still, needs must and all that!

  • I knew I wanted another coil, but couldn't face the thought of having one put in for quite a while after having C so it was probably 5-6 months - we used condoms before then in the few times we needed them (It took quite a while for me to heal properly)

  • I am going to be sterlised after this one so will use condoms until such time as that can be done

  • I went on the pill at my 6 weeks check

  • I went on the minipill at my 6 week check. On the whopping one occation we boffed before that we risked it! Not sure what I'm going to do after this one, I think I want a coil, but may wait a little while, so poss go on the mini pill in the meantime.

  • Cheers ladies

    So it looks like condoms for first few weeks anyway, then can discuss with H what we do after that (I want him to get snip, he's not so keen!)

  • I suggested that too Weekender and Rob was dead against it.  Thing is I cannot take the pill (or any HRT for that matter) and the coil is not suitable so it doesn't leave us with a lot of options, we know we are done with babies after this little one.

  • I have to say I painted a rather graphic picture of a c section last night and told him he was being selfish by not agreeing and why is it always my responsibility to sort out contraception and on and on in a rather hormonal pregnant woman kind of way  Laugh

    I did consider getting tubes tied when I have my section but apparently it's not as effective straight after birth, so I ruled that out as I don't want to have more surgery. Im in a different position though as I could have coil, or implant or whatever, so have more options open x

  • Laugh I love the hormonal moaning we can get away with when pregnant

  • We're still using condoms. Haven't decided if we'll try for a third at sone point so will probably just go back on the pill when I stop breast feeding. When we're certain we are done having children I would like H to have the snip but failing that the MW really sold the mirena coil to me. So might give that a go.
  • I always loathed condoms, with a passion. But we were forced to use them in our 'preparing to TTC' period of 6 months, and we'll do so again after baby as we want to try for another within 12 months so it seems unnecessary to put my body through the transition back to pill and off again. And some of the time we have a lot of fun without needing contraception, IYSWIM, so the condom situation affected us less than I originally thought it would.

  • I'm having my tubes cut during my section.

  • Condoms here at ten weeks. Going to get a coil but the thought of anyone putting it in is too scary right now!

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