Cranial osteopath - any experiences?

I've heard good things about cranial osteopathy for babies and see an osteopath myself so we've booked H in to see if it can help with his sleep.

just wondered if anyone has any real life experience of using one. Sounds silly but did your lo have same personality traits afterwards! Did you notice any differences?  I hate the thought of anyone touching my little man!


  • A had three sessions (at great expense) and i didn't notice any difference in sleep, personality or anything. Complete waste of money for us!

  • We tried it with A, he was really unsettled, we did a few sessions and it made a slight difference, but it always felt like one step forward 2 back, and it cost a lot of money, but the big thing which helped with his sleep was working out his eczema was not being helped with the creams prescribed (diprobase), since we've used Aveeno cream he sleep has been 100% better.

  • We took little H quite early on as he seemed to have real problems lying flat. My labour was very quick and I think he was a little shocked by it, like he didn't realise he'd born and was all still scrunched up. I definitely think it helped him, I could actually see him stretching out during the treatment. He's due to go again as he still seems to have a lot of tension in one side of his neck. It's all really gentle and I think H finds it quite relaxing. No personality changes here. I've heard of others having great success with it, it's got to be worth a shot IMO. Hope it goes ok x

  • I took R to an osteopath (rather than a CO) when he was 13 weeks.  It worked amazingly!  She didn't do that much on his head, mainly concentrating on his ribs but he was so much more settled after, it massively helped his wind problem.

  • Thank you for the replies. We took him on Tuesday but she said there wasn't really much she could do as he only had standard teething tension which she eased but otherwise he was fine. At least we've tried it though!

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