Crisps. They settle my 24/7 nausea, I don't feel like I've overeaten, and they taste bl00dy lovely.

But I am getting fatter every day. What can I have that's similar to crisps but not crisps? I've polished off a box of Ritz biscuits in 3 days and they don't cut it like crisps. I'm going to have to be cut out of my house in 3 weeks time if I carry on...



  • It's probably the salt in them? Just try not to have *too* many. It'll be a phase, just go with it for now.

  • What about ryvitas? I had loads of them in early pregnancy. ( although I also had loads of pickled onion monster munch! Mmm)

    Or snack a jacks? Rice cakes?

  • Snack a jacks and rice cakes DEFINITELY don't do it. But some of the spicier ryvitas might do.... Oh my! I need monster munch now too. I am so doing a snack-dash round Tesco on the way home.

  • I have heard that if you use a potato peeler, and peel the potato so there's long strips of it, then slather in spray oil and microwave... it turns into passable crisps.

  • What about Bombay mix? Although I think that's really bad too isn't it?

  • What about the Walkers baked crisps, I really like those. Crackers or breadsticks? I feel for you, i was much the same in first tri.

  • Ryvetta crispbreads and hummus work reasonably well  (.... I am a crisp addict and can easily polish off a family size bag, Eeek)

  • Vegetable crisps are gorgeous!

  • Sod it! Just eat them! I tried to buy baked or light in the early days!

  • Tortilla chips are one of your 5 a day, yes?....

  • i had this between 6 - 12 wks its passing now,  mine was doritos

  • My food today:

    1 bag Wottsits

    1 bag Baked Walkers

    1 bag PO Monster Munch

    One-third of a medium-sized bag of tortilla chips

    1 pear

    1 banana

    2 slices wholegrain toast with jam

    That's TERRIBLE!!!!!

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