Cryptosporidium in early pregnancy

Apologies for posting, I'm normally a lurker and have been on 1st Tri a couple of times lately but been busy at work.

As per the title really, does anyone have experience of having cryptosporidium in early pregnancy?

I had a stomach upset 4 weeks ago which lasted 2 weeks. When I found out I was pregnant (end of first week of illness) I made an appointment with my GP and they had me give a sample.

This was sent off for testing, and I rang for the results and was told by the receptionist that they were normal and there was no need to make a further appointment. This was 2 weeks ago. Fast forward to last night when I had received a lettter from the local Public health department to say that I had cryptospridium and wantedto know my movements (LOL) for the 2 weeks before I was ill.

Hardly slept last night worrying that it may have harmed the baby in some way. It's still very early days and don't have my first MW appt till next Thursday, and scan on 28th October.

Not really expecting any replies, but good to get it written down

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