C-section people & back pain

I'm now 16 months after my last C-section.  I had two within 13 months, so two spinals pretty close together. 

Does anyone else still get terrible pain in their back?  I'm fine during the day and if I keep moving, however when I get into bed, it takes me ages to get comfy, and then during the night I find I'm tossing and turning all the time from one side to the other as I get pains in my hips and lower back.  By about 5am,  I'm in agony and by the time I come to get up I can hardly walk, but after an hour or so of being up and about I'm fine.

I thought it was my mattress, so we bought a memory foam topper to see if that helps but tbh, it's not done anything much.  I've changed the heights of my pillows, and gone from 3 to 2 pillows which helped a little bit initially, but now the pain is back.

Am I destined to be like this forever?  It was never like this before I had the children and C-sections.  Is it possible that some permanent damage is done by putting spinals in?


  • I haven't had it, other than in subsequent pregnancies, but my sections have been further apart. Is it possible that it's more to do with muscle strength after two sections than the spinals? Might be worth a mention to the GP in case physio could help.

  • I think I am going to have to Margot, i'm getting to the point where i'm dreading going to bed at night because I know it's going to be a restless night.

  • I'd say its more about you needing to strengthen your core muscles than from the spinals. The muscles have been cut through (and stretched during pregnancies) so these have needed to nit back together and will now to be strengthened.

    Could you try a yoga/Pilates/core strength class or DVD?

  • LR - i'm not really into yoga and things like that.  I need to lose some weight first before I can bend into some of the positions you have to get into .

  • I would really recommend an osteopath. Without mine i would struggle to do a lot of things. Are you doing all the things you are meant to -bending knees when lifting etc to stop you straining your back.

  • Maisemoo - probably not all the time.  I'm fine during the day though so I don't think about it so much, it's night time that I dread it, I just know it's going to be a restless night of tossing and turnings because my hips hurt.

  • I've had two with that gap and not had these issues, definitely sounds like you want to get it checked out. Probably some physio would help.

  • If its your hips hurting it might be more of a pelvic issue which is making your back hurt too. I have a twisted pelvis which my osteopath sorts out for me. I didnt see her for 8 mintgs after having G and my back "went" so badly one day it left me sobbing in pain and i literally couldnt move so H called an ambulance - thats how much of a difference my osteopath makes!!

  • What LR says. Your abs are probably shot . I'm currently going to postnatal Pilates and its helping. It's not all airy fairy. It's designed to gradually strengthen your core. My back has been worse than ever since no2 but it's because my abs split and I'm

    Carrying a huge baby about a lot and my back is having to do all the work. I'm also seeing an osteopath to realign my spine in the meanwhile

  • Thanks ladies,  so it does sound as though it's just  me then.  I'll try and make an appointment to see the GP.  Can they refer you to an osteopath?

  • I honestly think your GP will be a waist of time. You may need physio, which as far as I'm aware (here anyway) you can self refer to. And I still think your core muscles will be your bigger problem.

  • I found my osteopath myself through a recommendation. Dont suppose you are in Kent or i can recommend mine?

  • MM - i'm no where near Kent.  I'll look out osetopaths. then if the GP is going to be useless.  Is it expensive?

  • Gp can only refer to physio which is a good start at rebuilding core. Chiropractor and osteo you'll have to pay for. Round here (Berkshire) they're about £40-45 a session.

  • I pay £31 for a half hour session x

  • Sorry, i am late to this. I haven't had a c-section but i am struggling with back pain after the twins birth. Mine is due to separated abdominals and a complete lack of core strength which means my posture is poor. This then causes my back to hurt because it is all out of line. I also get like a deep burning kind of pain in my pelvis when i have been lying/ sitting in one place too long. My wonderful chiropractor thinks that I have some inflammation in my muscles and when it is particularly bad she recommends regular ibruprofen and cold compresses. I really need to find time to start up pilates/ yoga because the lack of core strength is the root of it all. The chiro helps with the pain but isn't a long term solution at £35 a session!!

  • Because of my ab separation I've been offer Pilates at hospital for free which is great, I can also take S with me. Admittedly not ideal as on only managed half the class this week due to him crying!

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