CSection tomorrow - should I be doing anything today?

Im going in for my section tomorrow and I'm just chilling out at home while LO is at school this mornin but I feel like I should be doing something, getting prepared or getting ready. I dont know.

Is there anything I should specifically be doing? Or is chilling out the best thing to do ;) 


  • Waxing Wink

    And enjoying only having one child to manage!

  • Packing your hospital bag!

  • Have a nice leisurely meal, enjoy chewing, using cutlery and taking time to swallow between mouthfuls ;)

    Chilling definitely a good plan, hope you are feeling ok and good luck! Can't wait to see your BA x

  • Sleep, wax/shave, make some meals for freezer, clean hard to reach places (high/low), lift anything not too heavy, get some big pants ready....

    Make something nice for tea as you'll be starving all day tomorrow! Good luck x

  • The things I had planned to do were shopping for food that was easy to cook and stuff for H to bring in to me to eat (hospital food is grim), paint toe nails, hair removal, pack bag, change bedding ... oh and as Zoe was going to stay with Grandma H and I were going out for dinner.

    Of course, typically, when I went in for my pre-op appointment (day before c-section here) I then got admitted as baby was transverse so didn't get any of it done.

  • Have a lovely long bath, shave, take nail varnish off, have a nap, eat as much as you can, double check your bags and mostly enjoy. Good luck for tomorrow x

  • Definitely wax!  And enjoy the peace. Make sure all the washing is done.. I'd be manically cleaning no doubt!

  • Best wishes for tomorrow

  • Thank you girls.

    Sorry I haven't been back on until now, I've even so busy!!

    BG - yes I have packed my bag but only within the last half an hour!!!!  I haven't done anything I wanted to today I've been too busy with L! Haven't even sat down for 5 mins!

    I'm getting a but nervous about tomorrow but I'm excited at the same time.

  • Good luck today PS, look forward to seeing your BA :-) xx

  • Good luck today x

  • Hope that all goes well today. Looking forward to your BA

  • Good luck for tomorrow!

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