D & V in pregnancy & the 48 hour no work rule??

In most jobs there is a 48 hour rule if you've had D & V about staying away from work.  How does this work in pregnancy? I'm assuming it's not the same rules, or is it??


  • I'm in the nhs working clinically any manager is fairly pragmatic about these things so if you know what's caused it, eg dodgy food etc, then she's less strict about the 48 hour rule. I know other managers are more strict as they say although you think you know what has caused it you can't be sure so to be safe have to be 48 hours clear. Not sure that helps so hopefully someone with more experience of pregnancy related sickness will be along soon!

  • I've never worked anywhere with that rule so am no use at all, sorry!

  • Sorry BK, why would it not be the same rules? I work in the NHS so the 48 hour thing applies.

    Obviously morning sickness is just that. 

  • I would have thought D&V in pregnancy would be treated just the same as normal tbh....I wouldn't want to risk passing it to the kids either tbh being as you're a teacher

  • I'm not sure how the rules can be different? If you have d&v you have d&v regardless of pregnancy status, I work in the nhs and you have to stay off for 48 hours after your last episode, its still marked as an episode of sickness.

  • My NHS dept would allow me to go back as I'm not in a patient setting so they seem to want their own rules broken!

  • Thanks ladies, unfortunately it wasn't the sickness it was the other but it was 42 hours in the end so I thought it'd be ok.

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