daft questions I should really know the answers to

OK, so my excuse is that I was pregnant for most of E's first year and the pregnancy hormones have killed my brain cells! So here are my daft questions- 

When can I give tap water instead of cooled boiled?

When do I stop sterilising bowls/spoons etc for food?

When do I need to put the cot on the lower level?

There was another one but i've forgotten it which says it all! 


  • We stopped giving cooled boiled water for drinks about 8 months maybe? For no particular reason though, just couldn't be bothered anymore!

    We never sterilised spoons/bowls, everything was going in her mouth by that point anyway.

    We had her cot on the lower level from when she was first in it, but I suppose when they do more than just lay down so there's no risk of them sitting up and leaning over the edgeor whatever

  • Thanks Nenas. My H put the cotbed up today and I think it's going to have to go on the lower level. She's sitting but can't pull herself up into a sitting position but is pulling up on all fours so I don't think it's worth the risk! That'll make him happy - more work! The only problem now is how to get in her the thing! x

  • Tap water is fine from 6 months.

    I never sterilised bowls or spoons, just put them through the dishwasher.

    Move the cot base down when they can pull up to standing on the side.

  • Thanks Margot! Any idea when baby brain ends and normal service is resumed? I literally would forget my head if it wasn't attached these days!

  • 6 mths for stopping sterilising other than milk bottles, 6 mths for stopping having cooled boiled water.

    Cot needs to go down a level when they can sit and then when they can stand.  

  • I've never sterilised cups or spoons.  Tap water from 6 months.  S can sit unaided but can't sit himself up from lying down so we haven't moved his cot down yet

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