• Oh I know a couple of people who have had planned 'lotus births'... it's not for me, I have to say. I don't believe physiologically there are benefits; I believe in the benefits of delaying cord clamping until it stops pulsing, and I also see the logic with not actually needing to clamp at all (if it's stopped pulsing, it's apparently safe just to cut because the cord collapses once there is no blood pulses, and seals itself).

    So if you then wait for the placenta to be delivered, what on earth is the benefit of leaving it attached until the cord drops off? It's just dead tissue (or it wouldn't drop off...) so why carry a bag of stinky dead tissue around? Just my opinion!

  • Just read the article - the doctors are echoing my thoughts really. The only thing that I partially agree with re: lotus argument is that NOT cutting the cord reduces the chance of infection, but again I believe there is a time cap on that - to immediate cutting when the cord is still 'open' is more likely to introduce infection, but if the cord clamp / cut is delayed until pulsations have stopped then I think infection chances are greatly reduced anyway. Leaving it longer than an hour is surely going to increase chances of infection?!

  • Urghhh I'm far too squeamish for that! I found it a bit cringy even just dealing with the stumpy bit until it fell off, carrying a bag of placenta around would be awful! It actually made me gag a bit thinking about it.

    Not cutting it straight away I can totally understand, but not for a week!

    Not for me sorry.

    And as for the couple saying they asked family to stay away for two weeks- I think I would have been happy to if they were my friends. There's no way I'd be wanting new baby cuddles with a bag of placenta next to me!!

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