Did anyone choose an elective CS and regret it

It seems recently on here that everyone who has gone for a ELCS has had a really positive experience, highly recommended it and was happy they had made that decision. 

has anyone wished they had gone for a VBAC instead? 

I thought I had made my mind up for ELCS but after seeing a consultant today she went into so much detail about all the dangers and risks ( hysterectomy, placenta getting embedded in scar and rupturing in next pregnancy etc) that its really scared me and now I don't know if I'm making the right decision. 

I know everyone's circumstances are different. But just wanted to hear others experiences as feeling totally confused now. I really don't like the idea of a VBAC but am now really scared about things going wrong with an ELCS 


  • I was very torn between the two, right up to the day before the ELCS when i went in for my pre-op appointment I wasn't 100% sure.  As it turns out Orla was transverse so it was unlikely i would ever have gone in to labour.

    Despite having some complications during the ELCS, after Orla was born and with me not her, it was absolutely the right thing to do for us.  I suppose as well the fact that I absolutely knew I would not be having any more children the complications that were pointed out such as hysterectomy didn't bother me at all.

    When i was asking around there were only a couple of people I found who regretted having an ELCS, and they were those were women who had had ELCS for their first one for breach babies so felt as though they had never actually laboured.  

  • They have to tell you those things as they are potential risks but they are very low risk - at least that's what I was told both times by two different hospitals. I suppose you have to weigh up the risks and decide what you think is best for you, there are risks with either way a baby is born. I've had two electives and both have gone well with no complications thankfully. Out of the mums I know who have also had them I think I know one or two who had minor problems with their scars after but nothing that couldn't be fixed.

  • no absolutely not, infact it makes me kind of look back at my first birth and think, god if only they would have done a cs straight away (there was no reason to, i was low risk) then id have felt so much better about Ls birth, H wouldnt have needed counselling, i wouldnt have  had a huge scar or had to have a GA

  • Not here either - three babies, three sections (one emergency, two elective) and I wouldn't change it. This time I've had the best recovery of all three and am virtually totally back to normal other than the odd twinge when I sneeze. They have to explain the risks to you but statistically they are low risks.

  • Thanks ladies,

    I did already know all the risks, but had decided on ELCS as they were very low risk, but it was just the way she was talking was as though if there was the slightest problem they would be whipping my womb out!

    To me I feel more nervous about VBAC and feel like those risks are higher ( risks are more to baby than me for a start).

    I'd totally 100% decided on a CS but hearing her say all these scary things threw me.

    I know I was told them briefly and quickly last time when I signed the consent form for my emergency CS and remember thinking then " oh my god I want more children I don't want to end up with a hysterectomy". But I knew it was low risk and it was emergency so wasn't really a choice as to if I should agree to it or not. So if something had have happened I would have known there was nothing I could have done about it.

    This time with it being elective it feels more scary as if something did happen I would feel it was my own fault for choosing the CS.

    I'm pretty sure I will still go for a CS, but whereas before today's consultant appointment I was very happy and confident with my decision, I think I'm probably going to be uncertain and nervous about it.

  • No regrets from me. As it turns out, there were some crystals starting to form in one of the main veins (?) of the placenta, so if I'd gone to 40+/vbac baby would have had problems getting enough oxygen and I probably would have ended up with EMCS.

    Recovery this time has been amazing. I'm not having any more kids. I'm not bothered about not having had a 'natural' birth, because I have had 2 babies who I grew without any problems and who entered this world healthy(ish - #1 was in infected waters).

  • Not completely a regret but I did have niggles after my second section that I'd wished I hadn't had it. I think it was a lot down to the individual experience though. I had a 13 month old to look after as well and I got two infections, one in the scar and one in the womb, they presumed because of the existing scar tissue and because it was all a bit of a rush job if I'm honest. I was in a lot more pain and when I got pregnant again this year I did look into VBA2C because it wasn't as positive as my first elcs.

  • IDC I felt really bothered after Ws birth that I'd "failed" by not being able to have a normal birth, and also really disappointed I'd missed out on the whole experience of it. But I've gradually accepted it now and don't feel a failure I feel proud I grew abeautiful healthy strong baby to full term. And as for experience yes it would be nice but I have got to experience carrying a baby for nine months which is an incredible experience that so many people don't get to do so I know I am grateful for that.

    Pip- thanks for sharing your experience of the negative side.  I can't imagine how hard recovery from a CS with a 13 month old must have been! Do you mind me asking if the infections tend to be caused by anything - ie did they say it could have been prevented from getting infected if you had done anything differently , or is it just one of those things that you don't really have any way of stopping like strepB etc.

  • I think the was possibly more likelihood of scar infection because of the previous scar tissue and (sorry) skin overhang from the first section. I didn't have much recovery time between them and the skin ended up sort of folding over the too of the scar which made it harder to keep it dry. I ended up having to stick a dry maternity pad facing inwards ver my scar to keep it dry. I know that sounds disgusting!

  • I've heard a few people on here mention the sanitary towel idea before. I didn't get overhang last time but am expecting I may do second time round .

    I was looking online last night at risks, statistics etc. should know better than to google things like " baby getting cut during a CS" - it brought up an article about a doctor in America decapitating a baby!! It was horrific!

  • The thing is that there are risks for pretty much anything, if you google you will probably find a horrible story about just sitting on your sofa!

    I'm coming from the opposite angle that in my own experience ELCS was the safe option. I had a horrific dangerous natural birth.

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