Did anyone struggle to find any names they love?

I think I'm broken, I can't find a name (for either sex) that I love.

Has anyone else felt like this? What did you do?


  • We both had our own names we loved but couldn't agree to like any together and didn't name our son for a day or so as we weren't sure but after road testing the name we finally picked decided he suited it. Don't pressure yourself into thinking you need to love any before they arrive. Have short lists of any potential names, whether agreed on together or not, and when they arrive go through them again and see if any suit.

  • I didn't love any names, I thought about it very hard and was weighing up all the practical elements. Didn't/couldn't really imagine using it in my child, was more whether it was already used a lot/went with surname/would be shortened and what to etc etc etc.

    You don't need to love the name, you'll love the baby!!

  • My H struggled. I had names picked out before we had even conceived, H just went along with my choice.

    He didn't like J's name, but said "He's my son, i'll love him whatever he is called", and now couldn't imagine him as anything other than J.

    You have ages to find names OB. Watching the end credits of films is a fab way of spotting names you may not have thought of.

  • Well that would be a yes from me.  I don't love either girls names.  Zoe's name fits her perfectly but it wasn't the type of name I would have chosen IYSWIM.  Orla's name, well, it's a name that we both agreed on.  I am presuming that she will grow in to it, well I hope so anyway.

  • You've got ages to go yet. We decided on our sons middle name pretty easily, but his first name we picked only a few weeks before he was born. One of my friends picked her boys name after he was born - and it was never even on a short list for them!

  • YEP!! I like a lot of names but don't think I will ever find "the one" hence why I let OH chose so when she starts moaning at 15 that she hates her name I can tell her he picked it :-)

  • First of OB so glad to see your name on the due date list now! Glad today went well. My H and I have very different taste in names but still have ages to decide. I've found not spending hours on it and just throwing a name out there as and when I think of one has worked well for us. My H actually suggested a name that over the past few weeks I've started to really like but it wasn't even on my list (I probably wouldn't have thought of it tbh).

    Don't worry, try not to get too caught up in it and just have a read through names. I also am now an avid credit reader at the end of program's and films looking at names!

  • Ummm, that would be me.

    First time round it was so easy, I only had a boy name to offer, there were no girl's names that I even liked.  I agreed to H's girl name so I could get my boy name, he was a boy - easy peasy.  It was a 10 minute conversation at 16 weeks.

    This time we started talking about names at 6 weeks, and 30 weeks later are still discussing.  Actaully that's a lie, I've not had the energy to discuss names for 2 weeks now, with H or anyone.  We were close to agreeing a boy's name, but this one is supposedly a girl.  I just hope in ~5 weeks I'll be able to say 'She was born, looked like a [chosen name], we both agreed, hey presto!'

    It doesn't help that I have a ridiculous surname which rules out a lot of girls names if I want her to get through school unharmed.

    As an aside when talking about girl and boy names where does the appostrophe go? girls'? girl's?

  • BG, I don't think there is an apostrophe when talking about girls names.

  • Ahh thank you all so much! I’m SO glad it’s not just me. I’m not stressing yet, I know we’ve got ages. Will stop looking on apps and just see what names I come across day to day.

    I really like Rose for a girl but we called our puppy Rosie because I thought it was going to take us a long time to get pregnant and by then I’d never be brave enough to call a girl Rose. Now I’m wishing I’d chosen something else for pup!! Oh well.

  • But if I was talking about 'my girls name' would it have one? It bugs me every time I talk about names, which admittedly is too often.

  • OB - if Rose was the name I liked more than anything else then I'd change the dog's name.  We used Alexander even though H has a step brother with that name and I have an cousin called Alexandra.

  • My cousin has a dog called Poppy and a girl called Primrose. Seemed strange they both have flower names (although my hubby said primrose is a cows name)

    BG you have the same surname as my Step dad. Females in his family are Olive, Stephanie, Rebecca, Lilia, Michelle and Peggy. As you can tell, that's a range of ages!

  • BG, your girl's name. The girls' names would refer to plural girls.

    I loved Ms name, we didn't have a boy's name so I'm glad she was a girl. I've got a few names this time but none we agree on. Got a long way to go mind you!

  • We were lucky that we had girls as we found their names easy to pick, but couldn't decide on a name for a boy.

    Regarding the apostrophe for possession, if it's the name belonging to one girl, i.e. my girl's name, it goes before the s, if talking about more than one girl, it goes after the s i.e. the girls' names.

  • We can't agree on a name for a girl atm - so we've got a short-list of about 5 and we'll just see what she looks like if/when she gets here. My taste has changed so much in the time I've been pregnant so don't worry too much. Rose is on our short-list, H loves it and I like it, but not as much as Constance (which he hates) *sigh*.

    Things will be easier if we have a boy...just got one name that we agree on so that's that.

  • Sorry, not sure if anyone has replied to you BG, but if you are referring to the name belonging to your girl then it would be girl's name.  Girls' name would be the names belonging to more than one girl.

  • We chose max because it was the only one we could agree on. I didnt totally love it but I do now!

  • Initially there weren't any names I loved. I actually fell in love with the meaning of E's name and based on that we knew that she couldn't be anything else.

    Baby Names World has a function to search on meaning, might be worth a shot babynamesworld.parentsconnect.com/meaning-search.html

  • Don't worry yet. You're still pretty early so have plenty of time for a name to grab you. It wasn't till about 20 weeks when both of mine just stuck. I'd heard then prior and thought, meh, ok, but the longer I was lookin at other names the more they didn't feel right and *their* names just felt like them, if you know what I mean

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