Did labour #2 start the same ad #1?

Stolen from abc but just interested in if people have patterns or if it varies.

With p I had the start of losing my plug amd a huge clear out. The on and off contravtions for 48 hours. I then had a huge show, waters brok and everything went maf. Went from under 1cm to birth in 4 hours.

Interested to see what happens this time. Although it means if I have a dodgy tummy, like last night, I get a tad worried!!!


  • With C, I had "back pain", which it turned out were contractions. I lost my plug about 12 hours later, but didn't know it was my plug, and my Mum said it was normal (after 4 kids, I figured she knew what she was on about. Sadly, she was half asleep, and couldn't remember that convo the next day) My waters went  around 24 hours after the pains started. It was that, which was the "holy sh!t" moment. C came around 8 hours later.

    With J, I lost my plug, then contractions started almost instantly. Waters went around 7 hours later. J was born around 21 hours after waters breaking.

  • With D my contractions started in the bath and had my waters broken in hospital. She was born 19hrs after first contraction. If she hadn't been so bloody big she would've been here quicker.

    With J my contractions started in the bath too but felt completely different. She was breech which we didn't know about. In just over an hr I had gone from no labour to 5cm but found out she was breech and then placenta abrupted so it got really scary and she was born by emcs 15mins later.

    So technically they started the same but the tiny baby caused me all the grief. Both were a week late too x

  • Watching with interest x x
  • With R, I started getting very mild period pains early morning which carried on through the day to full on contractions around 7pm. My waters didn't break until I was already in the labour suite, about 20 mins before she arrived at 430am.

    With O, the first signs were my waters going when I got out of bed, things progressed very quickly and she was born 4 hours later.

  • Possibly....with M my waters started trickling. Then two days later I was induced due to risk of infection. This time round I felt damp for a few days, pit it down to 3rd tri damp pants but midwife advised to put on pad, call triage if it's wet. I did, it seemed ok so decided just to keep an eye, then last Wednesday morning happened, which would have possibly been down to cervix dilating.

    Did have some show come away couple of hours before the section, which I never noticed with M

  • pretty similar the 2nd and 3rd, irregular painful contractions, big show just before pushing. baby 2 born in waters, baby 3 waters went just before she came out. Both pushing stages very quick. with the 3rd it was 1 push.

  • oh no 2 was 5.5 hours ish and no3 3.5 hours

  • My labours were pretty similar with both once they started. 4-5 hours long from first contraction to birth. But they started completely differently.

    Number one, straight into contractions at 11am, had my show and waters went about an hour before birth, Isla born at 4.14pm

    Number two, my waters started to leak at 3.30pm no contractions til 7pm. Maya born at 11.11pm
  • Thanks ladies, some possible similarities then :-)
  • Watching with interst!  with M it was quick for me, waters broke, 4cms dilated within an hour and off we go!

  • I could do without the 48 hours of build up contractions, that was because she was back to back. I'm a bit scared about the actual dilating and birth going faster than 4hours. Especially as we live further from the hospital now. Can be 45mins in rush hour and that's once H is home from work, my mum has come to get p etc!
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