Did you know labour was imminent?

Caveat - I do not think I'm in labour or anywhere near starting! I'm just being nosey!

I was curious about those of you whose labours started naturally as to whether you felt any different beforehand - did you have any signs or indications it was going to kick off or did it happen spontaneously and catch you off guard? 




  • Hey ... I had a show then bloody show following day with pains then had baby follwing afternoon x
  • I had a bleed and show on the Monday and went to get checked, cervix was closed but the midwife said she thought I'd be back soon. Rubbish week, cried at my mw appt on the tues, ate curry, pineapple, bounced on exercise ball. Thurs eve I cried, had a glass of wine and then got woken by contractions at 2am on Friday, asked H to stay home, things eased off (typically) so we went on a big walk, kept getting funny twinges and tightenings. Dtd at 3pm, contractions every 4 mins, waters went just before half 6 and hr was here before midnight! I was so fed up as I could hardly sleep and had a rotten cold so think I just thought it was never going to happen! I did know on the Friday morning though, even though they were only really mild. Xx

  • Happy due date SP eeeekk!!!

    I felt off colour the day before and tired. but on the day had more energy. My stomach wasnt right either, kept going to the loo! Then the pains started!

  • I had the first part of a show and a very dodgy stomach the day before contractions started and was convinced things were happening. I was right!
  • Both of mine started spontaneously and I didn't have a clue it was all about to kick off. With no1 contractions just randomly started. No show, no dodgy tummy, waters still in tact.

    No2 my waters started to leak very slowly but no contractions till 4 hours later.
  • I had no idea...no show, waters or dodgy belly here! I'd just had a lovely weekemd catching up with family and old friends!

  • Got up to get ready for work, was horrified to find that I was about to wet myself as I made it to the bathroom to quickly be replaced by Niagra Falls on the bathroom floor so no signs for me lol!

    I've heard so so many people mention the bad tummy the day before though!

  • This is actually v interesting to hear all the different stories! Thank you for sharing. Sadly as an IBS sufferer the tummy thing isn't a reliable indicator!

  • I had a show (after a sweep) then I had mild contractions that evening & then they ramped up the next day. As I hadn't had any braxton hicks I assumed it must've been me starting labour (much to the annoyance of my sister who was due 5 days before me & had bh for weeks/a month at least before)

    Happy due date x

  • I had a bloody show on the Tuesday, nothing again until Weds eve when I had mild contractions during the night. Thursday I was shattered and fed up, mw said baby was imminent and I wanted to hit her! Had my first glass of wine Thursday night and went into labour 45 mins after! He was here on Friday night :-) Hope it's soon for you, happy dd!

  • The first I knew with J, was having a bloody show, then a pain straight after. Before the show, I didn't feel like labour was going to happen. If anything, it felt like J was quite happy where he was, and it'd be days.

    He came 28 hours after the show, bang on his due date.

    With C, it started pretty much the same way, only it was about 20 hours before I realised, as I was only 27 weeks, and thought I had backache.

  • AK I feel that way about this baby - quite comfy! Its good to know it can all happen out of the blue! Fingers crossed!

  • I had no clue! Walking up the stairs 39+1 11am after lazing on the settee watching telly, my waters started leaking.  Followed by period pains, contractions started 3pm & ramped up every 3mins by 5pm.  R arrived 6.17am he next day.

  • We had accepted the fact that i would be going to my induction appointment. Was only when my waters started to go that i realised something was happening! In hindsight l had had a few twinges during the day but nothing to make me think id beholding my baby by that time the next day!!
  • No. Ten mins before my first contraction I was heard muttering the immortal words "This bloody baby is never going to come out".

  • My labour started when my waters went. I think I Knew (subconsiously) they were close to going as I insisted on two long walks, dtd and lots of ball bouncing that day. I'd had a sweep and show the day before.
  • No, I woke up at 2am with my waters breaking. That was it!

    Contractions started an hour later.

  • No!

    With no1 I was 38w, had one mild incidence of period pain but really nothing of note. Went to bed and woke around 1.30am, went for a wee and my waters broke on the toilet.

    This time at 40+3 had a sweep at lunchtime and mw thought I'd still be a while yet. She was here by tea time! I had had a small show the day before but really didn't think anything of it.
  • Isis I clearly remember you telling us all after your sweep that it hadnt done anything and how disappointed you were. Next thing we know your BA is up!!

  • Totally AR!! Oh I hope that happens for me tomorrow!

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