Dipping my toe back in with an update... And an question about aspirin

Hi ladies 

Not sure if anyone remembers me but thought I'd post a little update. After being diagnosed with a partial molar pregnancy in march I have been given the all clear by Charring Cross to start trying again. Its been a long and difficult six months but we made it. Am now excited and terrified in equal measure! This place was great at the time and put me in touch with two lovely ladies who had been through the same, who have held my hand and talked me through it. I can never thank them enough. 

I just wondered if any of you had taken baby aspirin, and when you started taking it. After two losses and with age not being my friend I wondered if there would be any benefit in taking it. 

Thank you and hope to be back with some more news at some point! 




  • I can't help with the aspirin, but wanted to say of course I remember you, it's lovely to see you back and I'm hoping for some good news for you soon x

  • Can't help with the aspirin, hope someone can give you some advice :)

    I remember you, It's lovely too see you back!

  • Ah thanks ladies! And congratulations to you both! X

  • Another one who cant help with aspirin but lovely to see you back. Hope you have a good ttc journey :)

  • I'm so glad to see you back. I've no advice on the aspirin but wish you all the best xx

  • I take baby aspirin. I actually take a double dose. Part f the reason I take it is due to having severe pre eclampsia. Howeve, I also take it due to having many early losses. I alo took cyclogest from 6 weeks until 13 weeks. This was prescribed by my local EPAU.

    I hope you have a stress free time this time.

    ETA I took it from my BFP

  • Thank you. Mrs V it's lovely to see that ticker.

    Section4 did you take it whilst you were TTC or just when you found out you were expecting? Have an appt with GP next week so was going to mention it.

  • Have you thought about a consultant pre. Conception appointment. This is what I ended up doing.

    Although I was already taking it with this pregnancy I was advised to start taking aspirin from my EPAU scan

  • Hello!

    It didn't occur to me to even think about it (I had a mc before the mmc/ molar) - tbh i wouldn't take medication without being advised to by a doctor - were you under a consultant for the PMP? Mine was pretty clueless re the molar but was otherwise very approachable (I didn't see she before i got pregnant again but i could have had i wanted to)


  • Hello Glitterball nice to 'see' you back x

  • We didn't see a consultant. We saw a house officer and to be honest she didn't have a clue. My GP however is lovely send already put me onto prescribed folic acid. I didn't feel very supported by my hospital at all so can't see me going back there. X

  • Like section 24, I took baby aspirin and cyclogest from my BFP. I then stopped the cyclogest after the 12 wk scan and the aspirin at 33 wks. Both were under consultant's instructions due to recurrent early miscarriages. Aspirin thins the blood, so i also wouldn't have taken it unless under direction (i used to have a lot of clots).

  • No advice, but it's lovely to see you back!! Xx

  • Thank you - I guess because I'm not yet classed as recurrent then it's just going to be based on what my GP says. Luckily she is really supportive and not dismissive when I tell her I have read something on google!

  • I wasn't recurrent but after 2 losses then a prem birth and then another loss I insisted on a consultant appointment.

  • Can't help on the aspirin, but it's lovely to see you back x

  • Nice to see you back GB. Xx

  • I hope you get some good news soon lovely xx

  • No advice, but lovely to see you back x

  • Lovely to see you back, hope you have an smooth time of it x

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