Disposable V's Cloth Nappies

Can you tell me the proc's and con's of whatever you decided to use? I am seriously considering cloth nappies this time and want to research now




  • I'm using cloth this time round after using disposables with the boys.


    They're really pretty!

    Better for her bum, far less nappy rash than in disposables.

    Cost saving - the initial outlay with cloth is obviously more but the overall costs are less.

    Better for the environment


    Bigger to take out and you need to carry the wet ones home rather than throw them out.

    Initial outlay is greater

    Washing - I wash my nappies pretty much every other day which isn't bad really but it depends how much washing you have anyway.

    Can't think of any other pros or cons now but if I do, I'll pop back. I'm glad I went for it this time, they have been so easy and now I can't imagine using disposables full time.

  • Everything Margot said! For me, they make the usually onerous task of changing a nappy much more fun :)

    They are a bit more bulky to wear than disposables but it's a tiny con for me. They're quite addictive, I find myself lusting over new prints that I see so whilst you definitely save money, you might find it's not as much as you think if you're anything like me!

  • I'm planning on cloth, but don't really know where to start/ what to  buy etc so hopefully this will give me ideas.

  • Shameless post on my part but I have a full miosolo premium pack listed on the for sale board if either of you decide to go the all-in-one route!

    I really wanted to use cloth but O was über tiny when he got home and too small for the nappies (although suitable from birth they are obviously aimed at a sort of 8/9lb baby rather than 5! He's since been diagnosed with CMPI which also comes with some rather offensive nappies and the gorgeous cloth nappies would be ruined I fear, I wouldn't want to do anything with his nappies but bin them! Realistically we won't get use of these now until he weans so given I will have already paid for 6/7montjs of disposables I've decided to sell them now.

    Pros for me were the long term cost saving, comfort for baby, natural fabrics on their skin and with the nappies I chose, the fact they went from birth to potty as they adjust.

    Cons would always have been the washing and the slight bulkiness.

  • Cloth nappies don't ever burst and shower your baby with nasty chemical innards like J's nappy did this morning. Yuck.

  • Another pro for me is the lack of chemical smell. On the occasion when S wears a disposable, I hate that chemically wee smell, bleurgh!

  • Ooh yes I hate the smell of disposables!

  • Thanks ladies this is interesting, I am discussing with OH at home, might get him to look at some next weekend as he needs some convincing

  • The only advantage of disposables are in the name - you can throw them away. I actually like the bulk of a cloth nappy as i think a big cloth bum is cute. I only use disposables on holiday as i've enough to pack without nappies too. 2 kids on, cloth nappies would be our best buy by far.

  • I weighed up the pros & cons & decided to try cloth nappies but unfortunately my daughter had other ideas and screamed every time she wet herself in a cloth nappies so ended up with disposables.

  • The nappy lady.co.uk is a good site she will advise the nappies to suit your needs by completing a questionnaire, I used her loads when I used cloth with my boys

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