Do I need a double buggy?!?!

I've researched them and planned on getting a nipper 360 but now I'm wondering if I actually need one at all....
P will be 25ish months when baby arrives and she's a fab walker. We hardly use the buzz now, probably only when we go into town. We live out in the country so drive everywhere and walks we do from home aren't buggy friendly anyway. I'm trying to think how often I won't either sling baby and have p in buggy or baby in buggy and p walking.
Am I missing something???


  • hey AR. O is 2 next week! He loves to walk but I put him in the buggy in town or busy places/places I don't trust him to roam! Its nice to know that he's restrained sometimes, especially if I'm browsing in a shop. (doesn't happen much, usually a case of grab n go. He reached a pack of jelly babies when I paused in Superdrug on Mon and managed to open them and start eating before I realised!)

    Could you just get a cheaper secondhand double, just incase?

  • We got a double but hardly use it. I tend to stick J in the carrier and if need be D will go in the buggy

    I can see us possibly using the double next summer on days out when J is potentially starting to walk.

  • I haven't bought one as  a) was planning to sling baby but also  b) L walks everywhere / utterly refuses to get in pushchair (i'm talking screams blue murder at me, kicks and fights her way out of straps!). She will be 2.5 when baby arrives but has done this she was approx 2 (cant think when the last time i used the pushchair was - whenever it was just the shopping went it in, LOL).

    Maybe hang on making decision until you are bit further along in pregnancy and then decide....

  • I have one, although I don't use it that often tbh. The times I have used it it's been invaluable though - mainly if A is tired and needs a nap. Or if we're going to the park and A wants me to climb with him, it means I don't have to disturb M moving from sling to buggy. Ultimately I could have survived without one.

    I don't regret buying it though, it was second hand and I reckon I'll get most if not all my money back when I sell it on.

  • I thought about p wanting somewhere to nap but I can't remember the last time she slept in the buggy...months ago. Only place out she sleeps if out is in the car.

    It'd definitely be a second hand one but even then it seems silly to spend £150ish on something I barely use. I wouldn't get one yet either, just like to organise what we need and when
  • I would say don't bother.

    I was sure I needed one as was still using a pushchair a lot for W as she was happy to go in it and was easy to contain her when in shops etc and if she got tired walking.

    I bought one second hand .

    B is now five weeks old and I've got the double on eBay to sell as don't like using it!

    I like the idea of a double for the reasons above, but it was much more awkward and heavy pushing two and so I found myself always using the single-

    Either B in a sling and W in pushchair, or B in pushchair and W walking.

    We live in a small town where everything is within ten mins walk but it's very hilly. So I just have to be mindful now that if W is walking I don't go as far. If I need stuff from the supermarket I tend to ask H to get it on his way back from work, and if I was going out of town it would be at a weekend when H was with me to help.

    I debated keeping the double for incase I needed it occasionally, but decided its silly to have something taking up space and that I will hopefully get the £150 back I paid for it just on the off chance I might use it once in a blue moon.

    I really wouldn't bother with a double. A single is much easier if you half a toddler who is half decent at walking

  • We had one when number 2 was born and I used it quite a lot.  Bought a different one this time and didn't like it so sold it and have managed without.  If I need J restrained then I sling S. If we're out for a while I'm normally either with my mum or H so we take 2 prams

  • I got a second hand one off eBay - it's handy I I need to nip somewhere quickly as having E walking (as much as she loves it) can be a slow process - she's 16 months and likes to stop and look at everything! Also, she isn't really big enough to walk everywhere yet! It's also handy just to clip the carseat in if she fell asleep in the carseat. Having said that, I haven't really used it loads as I'm not going out much on account of a being likely to scream the place down when I do! How about a buggy board for P if she gets tired? x

  • I wouldn't bother.  I've only for 13 months between E and S, I bought a cheap 2nd hand double and we very rarely have used it.  If we've been out and about, I've normally got someone with me, so we take 2 buggies so  I'm glad I didn't pay lots for one.  As P will be 25 months when #2 comes along have you considered a buggy board?  I've just bought one for E, she is 3 in Feb and S is 2 in Feb.  E refuses to go in the pushchair now, even when she is really tired, and so we're going to give the buggy board a go, and then perhaps between them they can take it in turns between that and the pushchair.

  • the only other time I would say that you might be glad of a double is if you are out for the day and your eldest still naps. If she does nap and it means that you have to cut short a day out because you need to get home because you don't have space for two to sleep.

  • I wouldnt. Aaron was a fab walker so we barely used ours. Im not getting one this time. Phoebe isnt such a good walker but good enough.

  • Thanks ladies. I'll have a chat with H about it. I can see the odd situation where it might be handy but none where it's be essential. I think I'm leaning towards not having one.....nothing to say I cant go out at any point and get one once baby is here.

    Will have another think.
  • I had 18 months between 1 & 2. The double was worth its weight in gold. I have the Nipper 360 and I still can't part with it. I use it now for nieces and nephews now.  

  • LR if I'd had a newborn a few months ago id definitely be getting one. Her walking has come on so much since then though, so that's what's made me rethink. When I got pregnant I assumed id get one.

    Definitely will look at buggy boards I think.
  • I used it up until they were 3 and 4. I wouldn't go shopping without it, I needed it for walking the dogs, we took it to 3 weddings so that the kids could nap (and be restrained!) took it to Disney and various other holidays.

  • I've a 2 yr 7 month gap and not needed one at all. I quite often carry S or we have the buggy board and put the carrier under the pram in case C gets tired. I can think of 2 occasions when she's gone in the pram in a year. C was also a late walker. I personally just don't like double buggies so was pleased to have managed without.

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