Do you love your child's name?

OH and I have been settled on a name since just before the 20 week scan, I kept mentioning as I liked it and eventually he liked it too lol. Have been calling baby the name since we found out it's a boy and it fits nicely with B's name etc. But I don't love it. I like it a lot and it is one I have always considered and I am happy to use it but I don't love it.

I was always going to struggle with boys names, there are very few that I really like and I can't use them for one reason or another. My absolute favourite is James, I adore it but it is B's middle name (couldn't use it as his first name at the time, different partner) so we can't use it as that would be weird which is a shame as we would both use it as a first name! (I can't can I?)

I still have ten weeks but hardly likely that a name with just appear now LOL! I don't want to sound like a complete moron, I have definitely read on here similar from others. 



  • I do yes, he is (deleted) which was our baby boys name since we first got together! It really suits him. I think if you wanted to use James as a first name you could, don't see any issue with it personally and it might be nice for big brother as a nod to him? I have a friend whose two daughters both have the middle name Rose.

  • Thankyou!

    Should have added, I love B's first name too! I don't have a real problem with using James but I do worry what others would think.

  • Names have been a huge headache with us since we found out baby was a girl. It seems that we would have found boys names easy but can't agree on a girls name! I have come to the conclusion that baby will probably have a name we both really like but not necessarily love. I think we will grow to love it more when baby is here and hopefully couldn't imagine her being called anything else.

  • I love A's name. I think its pretty and a little bit unusual (Aveline), but we do have to correct pronunciation a fair bit, but that doesn't really bother us too much. No other girl names were in the running once we decided on that

  • I didn't love my son's name. We whittled it to 3 and then waited until he was born and tried using it and the only one we felt comfortable with out of Mitchell, George and Harry was Harry.

    And once he'd had it a few days it fitted him completely and I never gave it another thought.

  • I think you can use James.

    I do love little S's name. I wanted to use if but H wasn't so keen, when he came out we were still deliberating but I won him over! My only disappointment is there seem to be quite a few about now and I'd prefer it if there weren't!

    Big S's name was the forerunner the whole time I was pregnant. It really suits him.

  • I don't love Abigail, much prefer her middle names Elizabeth Sarah and wish we had gone with her name being Sarah Elizabeth now. I do love my sons name though Logan John Scott.

    H hates all the names I love for number three so I expect I won't love the name we settle on!

  • I didn't love any of my children's names at first. They were just names we liked that we both agreed on. For months I wished we had gone with Abigail's middle name of Sophie but 4 years on I love it. We really struggled to name baby number 3 and I wasn't sure about his name at all but by the time he was 3 days old I loved it.

  • I love the name we chose for our LO.  We had it whittled down to either William or Dominic for a boy and when W was born, the minute i saw his face i knew he was a William.

  • I love Henry's name and even more so with his middle names as one is unusual and such a talking point and together all 3 sound just right. He totally suits his name now as well. I do think names you like you can grow to love once you associate it with your child.

  • Working Hard, do you think so? I am really considering it! B will be nearly 7 too so it won't be fresh in people's minds that he has James as a middle name! lol.

    Thankyou all, I am worried I will regret not using it but at the same time, I don't want B to think we have stolen his name for the new baby.

    RKB, love both of those names! But the last part of our surname is Will and OH doesn't like Dominic! The Cambridge's stole another one, how inconsiderate! Laugh

  • No is the honest answer.  I don't love either of them.  The names I love H doesn't like.  I like the names and they suit the girls but I don't love them.

  • I don't love Lucas' name. I'm growing to love it as it becomes part of him, but I still don't like the way it looks when a possessive plural - Lucas' rather than, say, William's. However, it was the only boys name we both liked, let alone loved, and I don't regret using it. We were convinced L was a girl however, so spent much more time thinking about girls names and have one we both love and were desperate to use - Elodie. We should have realised this meant we were guaranteed to have a boy!

    I also think you can use James if you want to - could you ask your eldest what he thinks? He might like the idea or he might hate it, but his opinion might help you one way or the other.

  • Yes I love Noah's name. I can't imagine him being anything else. It's really important I love names but his is the only boys name we like!

  • I absolutely love C's name, we discounted so many names because neither of us loved them, but did end up with a few we both loved and C came out top.

  • don't see why not to give him the name James if you love it.  I don't love either of my children's names but I do like them and they suit them IYSWIM.  We had picked their middle names first for members of the family and then had to find a first name that suited.  also our last name meant that a few of our favourites didn't match.  our daughter's name is really popular around here but luckily no one in her class has the same name the year above have 3!

  • Chimpanzee


    Should have added, I love B's first name too! I don't have a real problem with using James but I do worry what others would think.

    Laugh Never, ever, ever worry what other people think! Seriously I wouldn't give it a second thought and I think B would be proud to have his middle name used. It's a lovely, timeless, strong name and if it's the one you love go for it! x

  • I love my boys names.

    J's name I have loved for over 10 years, but couldn't use when I had C.

    I love that they aren't common (especially J's name), and they really suit their names.

    ETA, nobody liked J's name (even my H, although now he loves it), and some people have even asked if it is a made up name... My Mum didn't like C's name at first either. As it is, I couldn't give 2 hoots about who likes my name choices or not. I love them, that is what matters.

  • We have a boy name we absolutely love and 90% of our family and friends will turn their noses up at it. And I just don't care!  :-)

  • I love the name Rose and I think it suits her wasn't on our original list but was def the right choice.we have 3 months to choose our boys name, we both like Sidney, no others we can agree on.i'll have to see if we have some inspiration when he arrives!

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