Do you need...


Just wondering - do you actually need the following;

- Rain cover for car seat / pram

- Sun parasol for pram

We are going with Bugaboo Cameleon 3 - so I don't believe the hood is enough to cover from the above but may well be!

Just don't want to buy them if they aren't really going to be necessary.... (thinking baby will be in carrycot during 'summer' so the hood in that layout would protect them from sun / rain? .... but then what do I know!)



  • You get a rain over with the bugaboo, I had a baby in sept and haven't needed a parasol yet lol. But will prob purchase one later if needed. The good of the bugaboo is fine with the small amount of sun we have had since sept

  • Thanks Noodle - thats really helpful! I didn't know you got a rain cover so thats useful! And I thought the parasol might be a buy when need purchase... but then thought s0ds law, I'll have baby in a heatwave and won't be able to step outside until said parasol arrives because its too sunny! Lol! :)

  • Raincover is definitely useful - had one for both carseat, pram and pushchair.

    Bought a sun parasol, but it was useless - constantly having to move it in direction of sun, and it would rarely stay where you wanted it to.  You can get shade a babe type things instead, similar to rain cover, but for shade.  Certainly in the carrycot, I saw a lot of people drape a muslin or thin blanket over to protect from the sun.

  • Thanks Deedee! I had thought would a blanket not do the job!

  • Rain cover is definitely needed IMO (I live in the nw!)

    I'd just peg a muslin from the hood in the height of summer, easier to keep the baby shaded.
  • As Deedee says, I think a raincover is essential but parasol useless. Ours wouldn't stay put, we used a muslin if necessary. The hood on carrycots/pram seats will not provide total cover from either sun or rain especially if the sun's at your back... it'll hit the baby directly. But muslins or thin blanket better for coverage than a parasol.

  • The only thing with the rain cover (and I hope someone corrects me so they can tell me how you do it lol) is It doesn't fit if you put the car seat on the wheels? Might need to see how often you attach the car seat to the wheels to see if you need one (you can buy them). Bugaboo chameleon is a fab pram choice lol!

  • It's not often I use the rain cover, but it's always in the basket just in case. Ours won't go over the car seat as Noodle says, but it's not often that I have the car seat on the chassis anyway.

    S was born during last summer's heatwave and I got a lot of use out of our parasol for a couple of weeks. Not sure how much use I'll get out of it this summer as I expect she'll just grab it and pull it!

  • Same as everyone else- parasols are useless. Get a sun shade thing-  like a rain cover but made of a mesh/net material (bit like a mosquito net). My pram came with one but I would definitely recommend buying one if not. As well as useful for blocking the sun mine also is good at blocking the light- used it when we have been at a couple of weddings and wanted her to fall asleep in her pram in a busy room.

    Rain cover in this country is definitely essential. A pram with no rain cover is like a chocolate fire guard!!

  • Yes you need a raincover (it came with my Bee) but I have never used a parasol and have a 5 year old.  

    This time around we have to do the school run by car so I also have a raincover for the carseat as if it is pouring down then I can put that on in the car and just pop the carseat on the wheels.  However I never had one with Zoe.  

  • I used to put the bugaboo rain cover over the carseat if it rained, it didn't fit spectacularly well, but covered the baby well enough as it was larger than the carseat.

  • Bugaboo do a proper sun canopy, I had one on my Bee and it was MUCH better than a parasol as you didn't need to move it about all the time. Though I found the hood of the Bee went over so far it was protection enough. I'd leave it until you know you definitely need one - buy one now and it'll rain for another year!

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