Do you think dreams can predict gender?

I'm team yellow but have had two dreams so far about the baby. In the first (weeks a go) I was holding a baby girl and was convinced I was having one. Last night I dreamt I had a boy and it was so real! I saw his face and everything.


Has anyone dreamt their gender and got it right?


  • I dreamt both with my daughter, so far have been dreaming this one is a boy so we'll see in February! (I have also dreamt that the baby had its eyes joined together in the middle, like a number eight on the side -so hope that's not right!)

  • In my dreams my baby (who often can walk and speak the day he's born) is always a boy. I set no store by it though.

  • Definitely not. I was so convinced I was having a boy, every single dream was about a boy baby and a had a girl. Even if you get a response saying someone got it right, it was still only ever a 50/50chance.

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