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Doctors appointment - when and what to expect?

since getting my bfp this morning I've started thinking about ringing the doctor, when do they usually see you to register your pregnancy and what else should I expect?

according to the online calculators I'll be dated at around 4 weeks but the cbd said 1-2 weeks, I'd this too early to make contact with them?

thanks x


  • I never saw the doctor. Called the surgery and asked the receptionist what the process was and she told me to call the midwives and I got an appointment through them. I've only seen the doctor if I've been ill.
  • Congratulations!

    You don't always have to actually see a GP, it's best to ring your surgery then they can tell you if you need to, or if they'll just arrange your midwife booking in appointment (usually about 8ish weeks)

  • Hi & congratulations again. Last time when I was pregnant I found out at 5 weeks went to see the dr the following week & was told that they wouldn't register anyone with the midwife until at least 8 weeks. I then went back to the gp at 8 weeks & was a little disappointed as they don't really do anything except weigh you & take my blood pressure & pass my details on to the midwife. I know all places are different so I would check with your gp, this time I've got my gp appointment for 8 weeks.

    With the 4 weeks & CBD 1-2 weeks. You are 1-2 weeks pregnant from when you ovulated but for some reason all pregnancies are measured from the date of your last period so that it's 40 weeks of pregnancy (no idea why) so you're actually 4 weeks pregnant. x

  • GP specifically did not want to see me, I registered at reception and got a call from a midwife 2 or 3 days later.

  • In my area you see the GP first, found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks saw my GP at 5 weeks and he just talked through a few things like folic acid etc and have me my maternity notes and refered me for my scan and to the midwife. Saw the midwife at 10 weeks for booking in. Call your surgery and they will tell you your particular process! Congrats x

  • Thanks all I'll ring the surgery today if I can and see what they say x

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