Does anyone else have a crazy toddler at the mo?

M (3.5) is being erm...challenging for want of a better word. She seems constantly tired but hyper too, so is grumpy and badly behaved. I keep putting it down to the excitement of festivities, but my god it's hard work! and unless we are constantly entertaining her she's whiny and clingy - when she's not doing things she's not supposed to...

Roll on January when hopefully things will improve! Any tips for the meantime appreciated! Getting her to nap doesnt work, she just refuses generally but if I can get her to then she won't go to sleep till about 9 at night, so is grumpier the next day.


  • Yes! My 17 month old had a full on screaming tantrum at 5am this morning because I wouldn't let her get up, then we had another at about quarter past 6 because I peeled her banana for her! And then because I gave her paper to colour on instead of the living room wall! Glad to hear its just not us! My hip is killing me from constantly carrying her round on it and the soundtrack to my day is mamamamamama!

  • I have one of those. He is 3 years and 3 months. I think it is partly the festivities. He knows Christmas is coming but doesn't quite get the idea it isn't now!

    i also have a 22 month old who has made me move everything up to the top shelf in the fridge by just helping himself!

  • Ha MamaD, we had a tantrum once because I wouldn't let her make her own cheese sandwich! Now if I give her a piece of fruit she'll put it back in the fruit bowl then lift it back out because she has to choose her own one.

    Section4, yup she comes downstairs some mornings and checks if the elf is gone and Santa's been, not quite understanding that it's a while away yet.

  • Section 4, I have a fridge raider too! This !morning I was making her breakfast, turned around and she was sticking her pencil crayons in some flan!

  • I've got two of these, my almost 3 year old and almost 2 year old are both bonkers right now.

  • Oh god Chids, that's just made me realise that'll be me next year! And I thought a newborn and a toddler was hard, I hadn't even thought about having 2 toddlers!

  • O is being a bit mad too, I blame the full moon.

  • Luckily, J is OK now, but he had a mental few weeks.

    Everything I asked, would get a "in a minute Doll" response. Oh, on one occasion, he called me "tuts". He'd refuse to use cutlery, and would eat the food off his plate, like a dog eats out of a bowl, haha.

    He became clingy, and would only go to me. He's still a bit like that, and if anyone else asks for a cuddle/kiss, he'll say "No, me cuddling/kissing Mummy. Go away from me", but will go to other people if I ask him to.

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