Does anyone else struggle posting from an iPhone 4?

I haven't been around much since I got my new iphone mainly because I don't seem to be able to start threads. Is it just me?

Also, I keep seeing popups for the Mumdrum App but can't find it when I search in the App Store?




  • I have an iphone4 and haven't had any problems. I only use it to come on here, never my laptop. Occasionally it logs me out and won't let me log back in but if I leave it an hour it's normally fine.

    I didn't know thee was an app. I just go on the normal website

  • I constantly get logged out which puts me off posting

  • I get logged out often too, plus it's tiny so difficult to read. They should have mobile compatibility.  

  • Hi all - we have just finished building a mobile version of The Mumdrum forums and have started user testing this week.  Assuming the user testing goes well we will be launching this new capability very soon.  If any of you would like to get involved in the testing please drop me a quick e-mail to [email protected]

    References to 'Get the app' which appear at the top of The Mumdrum are external adverts (linking to an external source), and we are systematically blocking them as we become aware of them to avoid confusion.

    We are aware of the iPhone log-in issue and have spent a lot of development time trying to resolve it.  It's a problem that affects some users and not others and we believe it is linked to a user's individual cookie settings.  Unfortuantely this has made it very hard to identify and solve.  We spoke with our software provider, Telligent, about it again last week and are now undertaking further investigations.

    I hope that helps.

  • Thanks for the update Sarah, very exciting about the mobile friendly version!

  • I find 99% of the time I can't log in unless I'm connected through wifi. No other problems at the moment though.

  • Thanks Sarah. Looking forward to a mobile version!

  • Can't wait for the mobile site. Might actually get to start threads again x

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