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Does anyone else's toddler constantly eat?

I honestly think that I would eat all the time if I let her. She's had a large bowl of cereal for breakfast (no mid morning snack as she had a long morning nap), lunch was a fishcake with lots of salad, cube of cheese, a whole small peach & half a plum. This afternoon she's had another whole peach, 2 mini rice cakes, 1/4 of a bag of crisps, a handful of raisins & has just brought me a bowl & box of cornflakes!! I've given her a few & everytime the bowl is empty she tries to get more! Also the crisps she'd been carrying around for awhile so I gave some of them as well. I'm guessing if she's hungry I should let her eat & I'm sure she'll eat her dinner ok probably with dessert! She's on the 25th percentile line so I'm not worried about her weight at all, I think I'm just after someone else saying that their toddler snacks/eats a lot!



  • Sounds like my hollow legged 3yr old. She spends all day asking for food (usually chocolate of course) and is a complete grazer. She's 9th percentile and 2 to 3 yr clothes are big for her. I really don't know where she puts it all. She does tend to eat more just before a growth spurt though. I'm expecting her sister to be even worse!

  • Yep L has always eaten loads. He has breakfast at home, something in car on way to nursery, breakfast at nursery, then mid morning snack, lunch, afternoon tea, something in car coming home, dinner, then something before bed.

  • tbh i dont think that sounds like a lot.  isaac has numerous breakfasts then moves onto snakck.

    for example yesterday this was what he had

    breakfast - Tome tippe cup of milk


    bowl of porridge

    half slice of fruit bread, toasted

    mid morning snack -

    breadstick and some hummus


    1 roast potato

    1 slice of pork



    yorkshire pudding


    tea -

    ham omlette

    pre bed - 2 (!!) tommee tippe cups of milk

    i tend to give snacks like bananna as its slow release energy rather than raisins iyswim, if i think hes asking for more than normal then il give him a cup of milk

    isaac actually would eat all day, if i sat him in his highchair then hed sit there till teh food stopped coming Bawl

  • Thanks, CP I thought about what you'd said about Isaac with eating & wondered if you'd reply. Looking at how much he eats Isobelle's doesn't seem that much. Will try & give more low release energy foods, must stock up on some.

  • Yes! P would eat every minute of every day if i let her. She'd eat what CP has listed happily, and does most days.

  • J has always been a big eater.

    He has always been a big lad though. Not sure what percentile he is on, but at 22 months, he is wearing 3-4 yrs, with some 4-5 yr stuff.

    Each meal time usually consists of 3 courses.

  • Yep C does too. I actually run out of ideas of things to give him sometimes that doesn't involve, chocolate, sweets or crisps as he has exhausted my supply of what I would call healthy snacks.

    Today he had two Weetabix, a plum, a yoghurt, a box of raisins and a sausage for breakfast. Then for a snack later her had cereal bar. Lunch was linguini with tomatoes and cheese, a bite of my sarnie, then another plum for a snack and a biscuit, then dinner was ham egg and chips, another yoghurt, some  grapes, some jelly and small choccy bar. Before bed he had a glass of milk, a box of raisins and a slice of bread.

    Actually looking back at it, he would usually fit in a few more snacks if we were indoors but we have been out and about and so I guess he was a little distracted or less bored than if we had been at home.

  • WCPS! R eats absolutely tons, way more than her 4yo sister.

    Breakfast is usually half a banana and 16 raisin wheats

    Morning snack is the other half banana plus raisins or a breadstick

    Lunch is a full round of sandwiches, half a bag of organix crisps, tomato or cucumber and a piece of fruit

    Afternoon snack is a gingerbread man (or similar) plus dried/fresh fruit

    Dinner is a proper meal - risotto and garlic bread yesterday, plus a yoghurt for pudding (followed by fruit)

    And she would eat more if I offered it!

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