Does anyone have a fancy spreadsheet with all things baby on it?

I could have dreamt it, but I’m sure someone recently said they had a big table with everything baby related they will need on it.

Was just wondering if I could pinch it? Laugh 


  • I'm sure it's Hepburn that has one x

  • You didnt dream it, i remember someone posting about geeking out over baby lists a couple of weeks ago!

  • Wasn't me but I did have a list so if you get stuck shout.

  • Yes definitely a recent post..

    I've a list somewhere of everything I bought... I made it for my sister.  Will see if I can dig it out.

  • Thanks, would appreciate anything at the moment!

  • Toiletries

    Room thermometer / bath thermometer

    Baby shampoo

    Baby wash

    Baby lotion / Baby oil

    Baby sponges

    Cotton wool / cotton buds

    Baby wipes

    Sudacream / Bethantham

    Nappy bags

    Nail clippers

    Thermometer (medical)

    Toweling robe

    Bath support / baby bath

    Dummies (if using)


    Changing mat

    Nappy bin with inserts

    Out and about

    Pram / carrycot

    Car seat (and base?)

    Pram sheets for carrycot / blankets for car seat

    Snow suit or snow suit


    Either carseat rain cover, or carrycot raincover

    Changing bag (Get the free one from Boots as a spare at least)

    Sling (?)



    Bottles (if bottle feeding) / teats / bottle brushes / storage for them In changing bag

    Bottle bags

    Formula pots


    Muslins (think about how many you’ll need then x4)

    Breast pads for Mom

    Breast pump (if using)

    Formula (if using)


    For upstairs - Cot / crib / moses basket  - sheets x3, blankets x3, swaddle blankets x2, sleeping bags (if using?)

    For downstairs – Carrycot / bouncing chair / Travel cot / Moses basket & stand – sheets x3, blankets

    Baby monitor with sensor pad

    Sheet for the pram


    7x Vests (consider short v long sleeve)

    7x Baby grows

    1x Going home outfit

    2x Cardigans

    Indoor hat

    Scratch mitts, if not build into baby grows


    Bouncing chair

    Play gym

    Tummy time mat

    Cot mobile

    Teething rings

    Hospital bag bits.

    Hospital bag

    Hospital bag - that i'll take in from arrival at hospital


    Night dress

    Dress/top/vest for labour

    Long cardy (instead of dressing down)


    Bathroom/wash kit bag

    Hair bobble and clips

    Cool water spray & baby wipes

    Big pants / few maternity pads

    Nursing vest / few breast pads

    Disposable nappy bags (to dispose above pads)

    Bath towel (dark)

    Nipple cream (Have been told to put it on from the very first feed)

    Considering some "Arnica" tablets / TENS machine

    For baby:

    Newborn first outfit - vest/babygrow/cardy

    0-3 outfit (just incase she is huge)

    Nappies x5 + bags

    Cotton wool

    Scratch mitts

    Indoor thin hat



    In jacks bag:

    Change for parking


    Bottle of squash (I hate plain water)

    Ipod / kindle (with my baby book)/ Ipad

    Food - chocolate/cerial bars / crisps

    Water in bottles (lots of people say to take straws too incase you end up on all 4s)

    Washing bags (to send dirty stuff home in / segregate from nice stuffs)

    In my second bag, that Jack'll get when I get transfred to recovery ward:


    Another nightie


    Flip flops

    Big pants / disposble pants to try

    Spare nursing vest

    Loads of maternity pads (just put a few in the first bag for first few hours)

    Loads of breastpad (as above)

    Comfy clothes - Joggers & vest and Maxi dress (to come out in)


    4x Babygrow

    4x Vests


    Outdoor hat, going home oufit,


    Blanket (Not a "good" one as liabl to get lost)


    Washing bags

    Phone charger

    Car seat / Morrck hoody

    To go in last min:

    Makeup bag


    Frozen bottle of water in sports bottle.

  • Not very well formatted (and a bit basic as was spelling it our for step-sis), but that's what I've got.

  • Thanks LM, that's fab! X

  • No worries.. And there is me saying "Nope, you don't need much" Haha.

  • I think it was Nutella who was talking about being a spreadsheet geek over on TTC.

  • I don't know if you'll be able to see this, but I adapted the list that was on the old wiki when I was expecting O. I've added notes as I sent it to a friend.

  • Thanks Ducky, I've just put a shout out for her on Hitched!

  • Ooh yes DS that works! Thank you!!

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