Does anyone have one of these?

Phoebe keeps taking her arms out of her straps so wondering if anyone has any experience of these or similar?




  • I've not used them but I've heard a lot of people say they are brilliant! Also heard not to buy from the Houdini guy on eBay, apparently a lot never arrive, buy from amazon I was told x

  • We have one! It's brilliant and has stopped E escaping ever since! They are frowned upon and not actually recommended for use- someone posted an article on here before. But we weighed up just how unsafe they can actually be with how unsafe Ella is not strapped in on a motorway and bought one. 6 friends have since bought them too and love them.

  • I didn't know these existed but definately need to get one! Why are they frowned upon? I can't see what injury they would cause? Like you say white sparkles, the idea of them getting their arms out on the motorway is awful. Glad you posted this ck I think I will have to buy

  • I think this is what my SIL uses with my nephew - seems to do the trick!

    I guess the car seat manufacturers will frown upon them as you are essentially modifying the car seat?

  • I think car seats have to be able to be release by a single button, so these make that impossible. But as they are sold as an add on not illegal. It would take an extra second in an accident to cut this too and id rather that than her have no protection.

    thanks all, ive ordered anyway to give it a go x

  • I've seen one of these mentioned on here before -

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