Does anyone have the Manduca baby carrier? - HELP NEEDED!!

Mine has arrived today and I'm having trouble with it!

I'm trying to put it on and have fallen at the first hurdle.  I'm trying to open the buckle on the waist belt and I know that there's a special  way to do it, but I can't work out what it is.

I've tried googling it but the  website just says:

"The hip/waist belt is secured with a special three-point-buckle so that it is almost impossible to open unintentionally....You can open the buckle with two hands or three fingers. There is a knack to it that you will very quickly master".

But what on earth is the special knack - can someone please enlighten me? I have a very refluxy baby that needs to be kept upright and is currently screaming  blue murder at me while I try to work it out Weep


  • I have no idea, but could you see if YouTube has a video?

  • Ah don't worry I've finally worked it out - I'm a bit sleep deprived today :-(

  • Glad you got it sorted, don't worry, we've all been there :-)

  • I've been using mine for over 1yr and on Friday i forgot about pressing the safety button and couldn't work put how to get it off! It takes a while to get fitted right with all th different straps, but once you do it's amazing. I've just started carrying S on my back with mine and expect to do so for quite some time, so it's had plenty of use. The manduca site is quite helpful and has video clips. X

  • Thanks LWO. I need my H to help me get it all adjusted tonight when he gets home from work but I'm really looking forward to using it.

    I think yesterday my brain couldn't process the idea of watching the videos, S was screaming and I was stressed and I was just thinking HEEELP! and nothing else! LOL.

  • I went along to a local sling meet and had someone help me there as I couldn't make head or tail of what to do with all the straps. It's worthwhile persevering. X

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