Does Noodles have a name?

More interested in finding this out than the flipping Prince Laugh


  • Was thinking the same earlier!

    No pressure though JB, honest!

  • Not yet, JB has posted on a name thread on OT today and we're still in suspense! Laugh I'm actually liking Noodles, maybe that's it! 

  • My mum often calls E Noodles as a pet name and I always think 'No! That's JBs baby!' when I hear her. I'm looking forward to hearing the name they've chosen too.

  • Oh yes, have checked out the OT thread. They defo haven't made a decision x

  • I think jb is tearing her hair out at the mo as her h is going along the lines of babes like 'crystal' so I imagine she's having a bit of a tough time bless her, and z seems set on poppy so I think it could be a few weeks yet

  • CP has summed it up.  He is now back to one of the earlier names that we did both like but then he decided he didn't like.  I am now worried that as he has gone off it once he will again.  Argh.  Also we have 2 names that we both like, but they just don't seem to be working, and I'm sad about not using them.  One of them we nearly used for Zoe but didn't and have kind of regretted it.   This is so difficult.

  • Oh gosh, you sound so confused! Take your time, as you say you have five weeks. And it's not like she doesn't have a name anyway. Noodles is perfectly fine Laugh

  • We very nearly registered our beautiful girl "babygirl" as we were running out of time - would have changed it at a later date, I envy those who just know we really struggled and got to the point we were fed up of people asking. Take your time we did 5.5 weeks before we decided - best to be completely decided before you announce

  • Good job you don't live in Scotland, you'd be running out of time ;-)

  • Still not really getting there.  We have 2 names that we like  (as in first name, middle name) but can't decide between them and also neither of them use our favourite name which we just can't get to work.  We have until 29th August, not that I've worked it out or anything.

  • Is it just 2 weeks in Scotland?

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