We've had A's reflux meds from our local doctors todthe for the first time. (They usually come from the hospital) and I've just noticed on the label it says to take it 30-40 mins before a feed. I've never been told this before by either the paediatrician or the hospital pharmacist so have just been giving it just before a feed. Does this mean it won't have worked properly? I'm really upset that I may have been causing my little girl pain for longer than necessary by not giving it right :-( 


  • Also, A is fed on demand so although it's usually every 2 1/2 hours-ish, it sometimes can be sooner. Or sometimes she'll seem to want a feed but then will fall alseep - does it matter if its longer than 30/40 minutes? And what if she's asleep and wants a feed as soon as she wakes? Surely I'm not supposed to leave her another 30/40 mins? I'm really confused now!

  • I've never bothered about that. S has his in a bottle of milk or literally just before a bf! I think it's more for adults that you need it before eating. I think the paeds know better than the gp so I shouldn't worry
  • Thanks WH, I was really worried I'd been giving it her wrong for the past 6 weeks and therefore it wouldn't be working.

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