Double buggy for 3 year old and 5 mth old??

We *might* go away in September and I suspect a double buggy would be a good idea for the airport and evenings etc.

What I want is a Phil & Teds Dot but it seems like a LOT of money just for a holiday as N doesn't use a buggy at all now. 

Ideadly Iris would be parent facing but I guess that's asking a lot?! And I ideally I'd want her to be able to lie flat or almost flat.

Any suggestions?!  Or is anyone selling a Phil & Teds?!


  • I have a Phil and teds and love it. it's great for a baby and toddler! I bought mine second hand over two years ago (I'm a childminder and have used it loads) and its still going strong! Definitely look into second hand as you'd probably sell it for good money if you didn't want to keep it.

  • Actually, I'm not sure on the dot but mine's pretty bulky when folded and the doubles kit has to come off so wouldnt be great for the airport maybe?

  • Tbh, I'd be more inclined to take two singles on holiday instead of you think you'll need one for Ned.

  • Ah that's good to know *libby* - I was looking at the Baby Jogger City Minu Double too which is a side by side 1 piece fold so that may be an option....

    I wonder if you can get bags for the Phil & Teds for flights etc?

  • The problem with 2 singles would be that one of us couldn't go out with both children unless N walked or Iris went in a sling which she isn't keen on...? My H pointed out that if he wanted to walk to town to go to the supermarket, or for an ice cream etc from the villa then he'd want to take them both in one buggy.

    I would also definitely never use a single at home so it is a lot of money for 1 week. You know me Rusty, there's no way is buy a cheap single anyway!

    We do have some vouchers we could use to get one from Boots or Mothercare but its a case of what to get as £400 for the P&T is a lot especially now I know it's not a 1 piece fold so not really ideal anyway...

  • How about two singles and a buggy board? Or if you go for a double you'd get a reasonably priced baby jogger city mini double second hand I think? Not parent facing but lies flat and massive hoods which is great in the sun.

  • Doh should have read the whole thread properly!! We've got the single city mini and it's so easy to fold and put up and the hood is fab esp for keeping the sun off them

  • I have a phil and teds explorer ( the slightly older version of the navigator).

    I bought it second hand a few weeks ago off eBay for £155. And it's spotless.

    I've only used it as a single at the moment as baby number two isnt here yet but I believe you can fold them up as a double if the second seat is on the front. If you want I can put the second seat on on Monday and try and fold it if you want to test out the theory

    They are a bit bulky and heavy in comparison to singles- it's the only double I've had to dont know how it compares to others, but I guess it's got to be to be strong enough to hold the weight of two kids. I think I've seen bags for them on eBay too for you to pack it for the plane- or could you just get it wrapped in that plastic stuff at the airport?

    If you're not going to use it much it would be a waste to buy one new as there's always loads for sale on eBay and once you finish with it you could resell it. It's not parent facing though which is a big big down side for me and I already feel sad about what it's going to he like pushing a newborn in it without seeing them facing you :(

  • Jellytot - That's interesting to know that you can fold it as one piece if its set up a certain way...? Shall google that and the bags.

    Though I'm actually quite liking the Baby Jogger City Mini Double the most at the moment as it looks really comfy and cosy!

  • The Out N About Nipper double is nice too

  • you can fold mine as one piece with the doubles kit on the front with the back flat for a newborn, I actually saw someone with a p&t with a car seat on top but not sure what model! Maybe go somewhere and have a play with one?

  • I think that i've a similar age gap to you and i've managed without a double, instead i have a buggy board and throw the sling in so if C does get that tired i can put her in the pushchair and sling S. I did the same when we went away and I had to control them both when we were dealing with customs etc.I tried pushing a double and hated it, but it may well have been the one I tried. It does seem a lot of money to spend when chances are your 3 yr old won't want to go in it much anyway.

  • Out and About nipper double.

    Lies flat and folds really easily. Huge hood which doubles as sun canopy.

    Buy it seco d hand then sell on, they hold their value really well.

  • Sharrington is selling me her Out & About Nipper Double, problem solved!

  • I was going to suggest Sharringtons but wasn't sure if it was sold already. You will love it! I adore mine so much I'm buying the single for number 3!

  • Have you ever taken it overseas? Smile

  • I had a p&t when R was born but A was really a bot too big for the top seat when R was in teh newborn underneath (he was 3 a month after R was born) so i sold it. though i do wish i had a double sometimes when i need him contained!

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