Dry at night - when?

We have succesfully potty/toilet trained in past 2 weeks. Very proud Mummy :Big Smile

I wasn't expecting her to be dry at night just yet (Lucy is currently 2yrs8mths) but a few mornings recently she has woken with a dry nappy and has been hopping around desperate for me to take it off so she can wee in the toilet!


  • It varies from child to child.

    C was dry at night a few months after being dry in the day. J was dry at night within the week of him being dry in the day.

  • My daughter was about the same age as Lucy when she potty trained and similarly after only a week or two she was dry every morning. I used the rest of the packet of pull-ups we had (they were all dry after this) and since then she's been fine,dry every night.

  • My two were both dry day and night at same time. Aaron was 3yrs2m Phoebe was 2yrs5m ish

  • Mine were completely different ages and we did nothing different with them, it's just how it happened!  One was 5y11m and the other was 2y10m.

  • Zoe was toilet trained at 2yrs 4mths.  She still isn't dry at night at 5 yrs old.   When she first stopped wearing nappies in the day she was dry at night, but stupidly I didn't think to stop putting a nappy on her at night and I really do think I "missed the window" so to speak.  

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