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Duvet dilemma cont.

Help! E HATES her duvet. She has woke for the seconog night refusing to have it anywhere near her and is full on hysterically screaming. I don't know what to do! She's got to get used to it at some point and her grobag is too small for her now but I feel like I'm torturing her the way she's screaming. Please does anyone have any suggestions? I did not think it would be this hard! 


  • What I have done for A is, put the the duvet in the cot, tucked in one side and loose the other, and then I put A down on top of it in his sleeping bag, he always takes it off in the night, and then he has the option to find the duvet and snuggle under it, it seems to work for him, and most mornings he is snuggled under it.

  • Can you put it on the wrong way round? So lengthwise gets tucked under the mattress if that makes sense. Or buy a bigger grobag for now and try again in a couple of months x

  • Thank you both! She's been having a blanket for naps for about 4 weeks now. The thing is her favourite game at the moment is getting into her bed, pulling her duvet over her and saying night night. I have to close the door turn off the light then wait a minute turn it back on and say morning! She is constantly asking me to go upstairs and play it and I can't get her out once she's started!

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