Dwindling milk supply

E is EBF and has one expressed bottle that my H gives him at 11pm. Supply was not an issue but over the last few days I have found that my supply has dwindled quite a bit. I used to be able to  easily express 5oz from one breast in about 10-15 mins of a morning but now struggle to get even 2-3oz out. E has gone from being in the 50th percentile to 25th for weight. 

Over the last month I have changed my diet and am following slimming world so eating lots of veg and fruit etc rather than the cake and treats that I ate for the first 6 weeks!

Is there anything I can do to increase my milk supply again?



  • Article on low supply on Kellymom here:


    Try not to panic though. Is he still gaining weight despite moving centile lines? Is he happy, healthy and alert? If he is, then chances are he is just finding his line rather than it being a supply issue. Supply settles after time, and he will probably have a growth spurt soon (there's a big one around 12 weeks) which will boost supply again. If you are concerned, then there are things which can help diet wise for you - Kellymom is a good resource for more info. Do Slimming World know you are BFing? If they do, they should be allowing you extra to compensate.

  • A bit confused if e is fully express breast fed or just that one feed? Margin is right supply will settle to meet demand and expressing will never get as much off as a baby. If fully breast fed its an extra 500 calories a day. It is possible to lose weight and feed as long as sensible, I.e 1 lb a week. When I want to increase supply to express a bottle on top if feeds oats are wonderful. I can double my amount by eating porridge and hobnobs and cereal bars the day before.

  • I've no advice on supply but H went from the 75 to 25 percentile. He is ebf and I just saw it as him finding his line. He's not a massive baby and is not a milk monster but he's happy and healthy so that's all that matters. He's just never going to be the biggest! It's easy to beat yourself up when they drop centiles but as everyone says as long as gaining that's the main thing

    Your supply should adjust to his needs so he may just not need ad much st the mo. it'll pick up during his next growth spurt!

  • Thanks ladies. E is EBF and only takes one bottle of expressed milk at night. He is definitely happy, healthy and alert so reassuring that he may be finding his line. I have told SW that I am breastfeeding and am allowed a few more healthy extras. Am trying not to be silly about losing weight too fast as I know that I have a responsibility to E. The 12 week growth spurt is only around the corner which sounds like a big one!

    Margot, thanks for the link, will have a look now and H-F, good tip about the oats!

    Thank you x

  • Fully ebf means exclusively breast fed I think happy feet

    I expect he's just taking less so your supply has adjusted itself.

    If he is still gaining weight despite dropping centiles, and having plenty of wet and dirty nappies, I wouldn't worry. But check out the kellymom link too


  • Yes sorry, it means exclusively breast fed.

    Thanks Hepburn, he is gaining weight just not as rapidly as during the first 6 weeks. However, he has alsp dropped from 50th to 25th percentile for height so I suppose it must all correspond

  • Ah now makes sense! Haha that's why I was getting confused!

  • Would just like to add that as A grew, I found it harder and harder to express. It really worsened after we started weaning,but at first I could express 5oz no problem then the amount I could easily express got less and less.  A is absolutely fine, I've got no concerns about my supply as I know he's getting enough, but sometimes women stop being able to express as much, for no discernible reason.

  • I was told you shouldn't be able to express that much as baby will drain the breast and your supply adjusts to what they need meaning you never have a huge amount extra especially for expressing but baby will always get what they need as they are more efficient than a pump. At 13 weeks I only get 1oz of ebm.

  • What Hepburn said. Did my antenatal on BF today and the lady mentioned supply and demand ALOT. You will make what they need x

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