Ear infections in pregnancy

Hi ladies,
I'm sorry I've not posted for a while but wondered if anyone has suffered with really bad earaches at all?

I've been to the doctors and he's given me penicillin antibiotics which made me throw my guts up, I called him after and he said its a known side affect and my body just needs to get used to them but I'm still worried they could harm the baby :(

I was in agony when I went to bed last night so I put some cotton wool in my bad ear (the right one) and rolled onto my right


  • For 10 mins and all sorts of gunk came out!! Now I'm wondering if it's so bad because I've been sleeping on my left side religiously for months and my ear can't drain itself or something?!

    Has anyone experienced anything similar?!

    Thank you x
  • Sounds like you have perforated your ear drum, hopefully things will improve now, I'd carry on with the anti bioethics, keep the ear dry and see gp in a few weeks to check the perforation is healing


  • I was thinking it sounded perforated too, poor you. If you're still being sick from the anti b I would go back to the Gp. In fact I'd go back anyway as he probably didn't know it was perforated due to not being able to see it clearly. I can't remember if you still need anti b if it's perforated rather than infected, best to be checked again. It won't be from sleeping on your left side though so don't worry about that.

    If you have an infection you can be prescribed an anti bioti
  • No advice re ear infection but I had penicillin based antibiotics for UTIs in pregnancy and they made feel terrible - Really queasy, exhausted etc.

    The doctors did search, but couldn't find a suitable alternative antibiotic that was pregnancy safe
  • As an aside it is perfectly safe to sleep on your right or on your back. Incase that helps in the mean time.
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