Early braxton hicks

Im 17+2 today and for the last few days ive been havingg mild braxton hicks. I didn't have loads of them with p but enough that I recognise them now. In particular I had quite a few last night and had had a busy day with loads of walking.  This afternoon ive also been getting them and this morning I had a livelier ride on my horse than I have in a few weeks.

I had a Google and it seems people do get them from 15/16 weeks, especially with subsequent pregnancies. They aren't particularly comfy though (although not painful) and im not thrilled by the idea of having them for another 23 odd weeks.

So has anyone else had them this eearly and if so did you find you continued to get them regularly? Did you change anything that made them leaa frequent?  My H thinks its a sign to slow down but im not aure thats connected is it? 


  • Think I was about 20 weeks first time I had them x

  • i never had any with lucas but had  them from 18 weeks with isaac, at 18 weeks i was that freaked out that labour ward asked to see me , i was monitored but they said it was ok.

    they told me to take things easy as it had happened after id been on nights and had a busy few days, is till got them regularly but again at 24 weeks they monitored me again as they were very intense and i was told that i had to take things easy (which was dead easy with a toddler and manual job lol)

    thats why when i was in labour i just thought it was BH lol

  • Mine started at 18 weeks with M

  • Thanks ladies. Cp perhaps it is linked to doing a lot then...not that I can really do less!

  • My Consultant said the same as CP, doing too much causes them and to take it easy (ha!) She was convinced I'd have M early as I was in her words, doing too much (you can't not with a toddler though!) She was right, M came early Laugh I definitely felt them more with M too, sometimes it felt like I'd had the wind knocked out of me! Perhaps tell your H that you now need to put your feet up and leave him a list of daily chores... Laugh

  • I've still not had any! Well apparently we all have them so i must just not be noticing/feeling them.

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