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Early early symptoms

So, indulge me please. Cd19 today so in the 2ww. Due on cd26. What were the really early signs you experienced before getting your bfps?



  • I had gallons of CM, which is unusual for me, and very tender boobs.

    Good luck!

  • I had indigestion sickness and tmi really bad wind lol

    good luck :)

  • I've had what felt like a stomach upset with both pregnancies, not being or feeling sick, but tummy crampy and needing the loo all the time.

  • Before my BFP I had a splitting headache 2 days running, noticeably swollen boobs, and felt nauseous in the early evenings.

  • I had the worst period cramps (or so I thought). Far worse than I normally had and chronic back ache.

  • For me my early early symptom was very sensitive nipples - being in the shower was a little painful

    & period pains which made me doubt i was pregnant

  • Lower back ache and a cold.

  • Thanks all. Will now convince myself I can feel these things for the next few days! How early did these start?? I have a kind of low dull ache in my tummy. But could be the fish and chips I've just scoffed!!

  • I had really bad lower back period type pains but worse than normal. I was also very moody and was hungry a lot in the day but struggled to eat lots at night.

  • My cramps and back ache were cd 25, or 11 dpo, this made me think period pains as my cycles were anywhere from 23 to 34 days, when AF didn't show up 2 days later I started to wonder, although cramps had gone by then. So I tested cd 28, or 14 dpo and got my BFP.

  • I had a weird metallic taste in my mouth about 9dpo and cramps which I thought were my period coming. From about 11dpo I had a very upset stomach- although that was the day I got my BFP so not sure whether it was nerves or a symptom!!!

  • Mine was tiredness.  Absolute and utter exhaustion.

  • First sign was more than a week before my BFP, but I thought I was imagining it :)

  • I was due on, on the wednesday but tested on the monday. The only symptom I had was no period pains, which I usually suffered terribly with about 3 days before and I used to get sore boobs a week or so before..but nothing. It was only because I had consistently high temps ( I was temping) and the fact that my period symptoms were usually like clockwork, that I even tested :-)

  • Just really tender boobs at about 7 DPO. This was never a pre-AF symptom for me but it is for many. I remember leaning on a door frame talking to someone and had to jump away because it hurt so much!

  • For me it was more about what I didn't feel. I normally get a heavy/pulling feeling before AF but didn't when I got my BFP this time. Sore boobs were just the same as normal. I don't tend to get cramps now and didn't get them before my BFP either.

    With both BFPs I've had v slight nausea in the evening from 9dpo but not enough to actually make it obvious. More like maybe I've ate too much and don't feel quite right.

    That's about it. Nothing exceptional at all but everyone is totally different. Best of luck xx

  • Indigestion earlier than normal was all.  I never got sore boobs or cramps with periods or pregnancy (not until several weeks later for the boobs, anyways),

  • I felt bloated constantly from about 7dpo and kept getting bits of green cm for about a week beforehand too. Didn't think I was pregnant though.

  • I felt a bit nauseous with O...but I think most of that was down to being in a stuffy office in a heatwave, as I didn't actually have any sickness all pregnancy. Didn't get anything else til after my BFP when my boobs ballooned overnight from E cup to a G!
  • mine were all the signs of AF arriving

    bad cramps, sore boobs, genuinly feeling like i was just about to come on! but nope i wasnt!

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