Early scans

hey all just wandering if you had an early scan, how many weeks you were and what did you see? Thanks x


  • 8.5 weeks. Seen baby and heartbeat.

  • Had a scan at 7+5 weeks - Saw a little bean shape with a heartbeat. Had another scan at 10+5 weeks - Saw definite baby shape and heartbeat.

  • scan at 8+3, saw blob and heartbeat.

  • I was 9 weeks and could see a wriggly baby shape with kicking legs, waving arms and a heartbeat:

  • Fig I'm going to call your baby, baby long legs :) It has long legs in both your scans I think! Beautiful baby x

  • Ha Pep, he or she doesn't get that from their short ar5e mother! Lol Thank you :) x

  • 6+1 and we saw a baked bean with a flickering heartbeat :-)

  • I went at 7+1 and saw the baby bean and a flickering heartbeat, as well as listened to the heartbeat. Was so very glad I did. I chatted to the clinic when I booked and she said they'd really rather not see people before 7 weeks as although they often *do* spot what they're looking for before 7 weeks, sometimes they don't and it's just upsetting for the couple as they can't give them a firm outcome either way. I found out at 3+6 (though 'knew' sooner) and so it seemed a tortuous wait to over 7 weeks but it felt right for us to wait until then.

  • I was 8+5 and saw both bean and the heartbeat and the bean was visible straight away.

  • I was 7+3 and we saw the heartbeat and a little bean.

  • Thanks everyone. Fig what a good scan pic! I currently have a scan booked for 6+4 but I'm freaking out because this was how far along I was last time when my tube ruptured..I'm hoping to get one at 6 weeks to give me peace of mind..I just can't relax. All I want at the moment is to know my baby has made it to the right place this time, don't get me wrong a heart beat would be amazing but i just need to know it's not ectopic again first! I would have thought they can tell this after 5 wee
  • * weeks ? X
  • I was 7 weeks 6 days and saw this and a flickering heatbeat

  • This was at 6+1, saw the bean and a flickering heartbeat. Very early but I got my bfp at 3+5 so it seemed a long wait for reassurance.

  • I was 8+2, and I saw the sac, a blobby baby, and heard the heartbeat.  

    It didn't look like much, to be honest.  I was just worried about miscarriage as I had no symptoms and my sister has had several mcs...  my nhs scan was exactly 3 weeks later, but if there was any more time between the two I'd have relapsed into worry, but then I was also reassured by the statistics of viable pregnancies being 98% when there a strong heartbeat at 8 weeks (according to the miscarriage association).

  • I had one at 8+5 and could see a heartbeat and the foetus was wriggling about.  The legs are pointing left and the head is on the right.

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