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ECV/breech experience?

HI all...

So been for a growth scan this morning and bubba is breech so they want me to go in on Monday for an ECV....


Anyone had a sucessful one?Would you do it again?  Should i do it at all? x


  • Sorry to hear that bexy. Nixxy Noo has had one and baby was turned successfully. I understand from researching it has a 50% success rate. Ours was breech until 35 weeks and thankfully turned itself. I spent time sat on my birthing ball and also on all fours, anything that opens up the pelvis and stops your coxis tucking under is meant to be good for letting baby move, though we obviously don't know which of those, if any got baba moving! Might be worth trying this weekend though. Good luck x

  • Thanks lamby... Intending spending a lot of time on the ball and all fours this weekend... Hoping by the time I get there on Monday baby will have turned of its own accord...

  • Hi, just seen this.

    I had a successful ECV with Sawyer, at 37 weeks. It was painful but didn't last long and looking back, I'm very glad I chose to have it rather than a ECS. I went on to have S naturally and there were no ill-effects.

    I was torn with P as to whether I would have it again, but that was more due to the fear of labour Laugh  As it happens, she turned herself.

    If I were to have another breech baby I wouldn't hesitate to have an ECV.

    Does that help?

  • Nixxy..thanks for the reply...yes it does booked in for 9.30 on is hoping baby has turned itself by then!

  • Good luck, make sure you let us know how it goes!

  • Thanks again Nixxy...i will do :)

  • Nixxy Noo

    Good luck, make sure you let us know how it goes!

    Hi Nixxy

    Went to hospital this morning...all monitored up...doc poised with injection to relax my tummy and then the scan showed baby had moved round! Phew!

    thanks for your help on this one :)

  • Glad baby turned!

  • Glad baby turned on its own!

  • thanks ladies!

  • Oh, that's great news!

  • Fab news Bexy! Clever little scamp, knowing just when to turn!

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