Eczema and Milk

My 2 year old suffers with eczema and I've heard mixed things about it being related to milk/dairy? would a blood/allergy test be able to identify if milk/dairy is linked to his eczema  or is it a case of cutting it down/out and see? I am also concerned about cutting it out as I know it's important for them to have the calcium. Does anyone know what the alternatives are? He currently has full fat cows milk and loves yoghurts!


  • You'll want to write a food diary and keep an eye on any reactions so it's all noted, I had to do this when I had to see the dietitian for O. There's Alpro Soya 1+ which is a good alternative as it's got added nutrients and they also soya yogurts, but be aware that the soya protein is similar to the milk protein (I believe this is the case and happy to be corrected) so there is a chance of reacting to the soya milk. There's also the Free From products that are dairy free (there's even dairy free chocolate!). HTH as I know how much of a ball ache this is x

  • Hi Yoyo

    I had eczema when I was child (I've grown out of it now) and diary had no impact on mine, but then everyone can be different. Mine was made worse if I got too hot or if I would wear clothes containing polyester or nylon (all my clothes were 100% cotton).

    Lanolin cream would provide me with instant itch relief, and nelsons Calendula cream is good too. Sulphur tablets are good too, for when he's a little older. Hope he's okay x

  • Thanks everyone. I might try lanolin as he does scratch, never thought to use that!

  • N has eczema and has had allergy testing. Everything came back negative, so it doesn't always show up. However our consultant said he was allergic to dairy as he's so symptomatic. He's on Neocate which we get on prescription. I've just started putting soya milk in cereal. 40% can also be allergic to soya so it's not recommended as an alternative, goats milk has a 90% chance of an allergy too. N can tolerate small amounts of dairy, he eats bread and the occasional choc button or mini cheddar. However if he was to drink a bottle of cows milk he stops sleeping, his eczema gets worse and he gets diarrhoea.

    I would cut out and see and get a referral. We see a dietician, allergist and dermatologist.

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