Electric Breast Pump Recommendations

As per the topic title... please recommend me your electric breast pumps! I know it's early to be looking but trying to spread out the cost of some of the more expensive purchases before baby arrives :)


  • I can't offer great advice, never having used one, but I just bought one on amazon this afternoon.  I went with the avent comfort electric.  Based on reviews I had read it seemed the best option for me, and it was also reduced price on amazon with an additional 10% off voucher code!

  • I borrowed a friends this weekend as I was going away for two nights. I still breast feed on demand so I knew I'd need to pump frequently.

    I was leant the ameda lactaline dual electric pump. It was brilliant. I managed to pump 10 oz in about 15 mins when I was really full in the morning.
  • I've had the tommee tippee electric, which leaked & barely pumped anything.  The avent manual is good, pumps quite a decent amount but when i'm pumping at 3am its hard work doing it manually.  I'm now using the medela swing, which I found on offer on john lewis website for £86, it is great, no leaks pumps a decent amount & is so easy to use.

  • I had a lot of problems with the tommee tippee electric 1, the milk kept getting sucked up the valve! I found the medula mini worked well for me but only started using it when I needed to pump at work. I personally got on better when I was manually pumping the same time as feeding, then you don't have to pump extra just at the same time as feeding as your baby stimulates the let down in both breasts (well mine did!!) so she did all the hard work. Stimulating the let down I found much harder & time consuming with an electric & didn't get anywhere near as much out, although this might've also been as she was older by the time I used the electric (7 months) so would've got less anyway. Good luck

  • Haha PS I only asked this a couple of weeks ago :)

    I've narrowed it down to the Medela Swing and the Lynsolyn (sorry I can't spell it) the reviews are good and they say that the milk doesn't get trapped in the tubing and the double one is good too.

  • I take my recommendation back haha this morning my medela swing motor broke at 3am!! R didn't wake for feed, I was going to explode with milk & it just stopped working after 20ml!! This is after 6weeks of 2/3 times use a day. Luckily I got it from John Lewis who have excellent customer service & are sending me a new one tomorrow morning.

    The pump is good but keep the receipt incase this happens, which when searching the internet to try & fix it, I found this is a common problem.

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