I'm sure it is fine to eat them as long as they aren't raw, that's what i did with P. Just checked NHS website and that's what it says. 

Ready to eat ones from supermarkets are cooked aren't they and therefore fine?! Ate a whole load this afternoon without thinking and now worrying a bit. I did so well to get my steak well cooked (advice has changed from when i was pregnant with P!) and avoid the soft blue cheese, let alone all the cider and wine at my inlaws this afternoon. 

If i shouldn't have eaten them then no point in panicking, whats done is done but i'd like to know for future reference. I have googled but some websites say ready to eat is fine and others say it's a no. I usually go with NHS list but they aren't clear. 


  • its fine, raw prawns are grey, you'd know if you'd eaten them!

  • Definitely fine, I've been living off them for the last few months! Random thing to want to eat all the time, I did panic the first time because I wasn't sure but it's ok.  As isis said, raw ones are grey so as long as they're pink we can eat them

  • Thats what i thought but then you google and get all sorts of crap about ready to eat not being ok unless heated.

  • I'd stick to what the NHS say, if you tried to follow every piece of advice you'd never eat!

  • I think as long as they are hot and cooked i.e in a curry etc they are fine. Thats what my midwife advised anyway. It's only due to risk of food poisoning not that it will harm the baby.

  • They are fine as is stilton so you can still have some nice cheese.  Well it was when I was pregnant with S and she is only 3.5 months!!

  • Yes thank god for stilton!!!!!!

  • Raw prawns are grey, you wouldn't want to eat them just at the look of them. Pink prawns are cooked and therefore fine

  • I do hope so! I do love a prawn! What's the point of craving Chinese if you can't eat prawns!?

  • I think it would be fine. The steak thing had me the other day, last time I was pregnant I could have rare steak, so I just assumed we still could and had a bite of H's steak. Then I read the new advice and panicked. It's too late now but I'm really annoyed with myself.

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