falling apart

Youngest has been feeding every 90 minutes for 2 days, and today screaming solidly since 4am.

Oldest has stopped eating and tantrumed all day.

Today I had to put them both in their beds and lock myself out of the house for 5 minutes as I was getting scared of what I might do. I feel like I'm cracking up Sad


  • Will your OH be home soon to take over for a while?

    Do you have plans for tomo? If not is their someone you can meet at soft play, the park or similar? Try to get out the house. The you gets will hopefully sleep in the pram or car and bei g out will entertain your oldest.

    I find a change of scenery always helps me x

  • Hug you did the right thing. 5 minutes in bed won't hurt either of them.

    I agree with LR, try to get out of the house tomorrow if you can.

    When will your H be home?

  • Def try and get out. Any friends/family who could take big one out for a bit? Xx

  • So sorry x please speak to someone, your H and get a bit of time out and support. Some days are so hard, and I only have one! Sounds like you feel really awful and things are bad, perhaps your H could phone in sick tomorrow and be there to help? x

  • Both will be in bed when h gets home.  Took both out this afternoon, but I had to stop myself crying every time people asked how I was.

  • Can you get an early night? Will baby take a bottle? You soumd exhausted x

  • Have a hug Hug 

    5 minutes is nothing and I think we've all been there.

    I hope you have a better night tonight X

  • I will go to bed when children do. I'm sorry I shouldn't have posted, just being tired and stupid, it'll be OK tomorrow.

    Thank you

  • Of course you should of posted. We have all been there and when you dont get sleep things you can handle.most days become tough


  • Keep posting! It helps for others to know they're not the only ones. I hope tomorrow is better for you ((hugs))

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