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OH really wants to book a holiday for Jan 2015 now so we have something to look forward to. Fine with me but I have just spent the last week talking him out of Egypt. I don't want to risk it and there is no guarantee the area will be stable over 12 months from now.
We had agreed the canary islands but now he wants to go "somewhere different" he is stressing me out to be honest.
Any suggestions???


  • Don't normally post here but have you looked at Cape Verde? Little bit different but safe and  good for families

  • No but I will. Muchos gracias x x
  • How far do you want to go, and what's your budget?

    What is it about Egypt he liked? What about Turkey, there's plenty of ancient history going on there, you can visit places like Ephesus if that's what he was interested in. Plus opportunities to sunbathe.

  • Just to say that the resorts round sharm are perfectly safe and unaffected as far as I know (I know two sets of people who went there recently). It would obv be Cairo you would want to avoid. Would you consider euro camping? Lots of mum friends rave about it!

  • We did a cruise over Christmas and new year last year. That would be somewhere different. We had a fab time.

  • Nice one girls. Some suggestions I hadn't thought of.

    He doesn't know what he liked about Egypt. Just being a pain in the backside

  • "Pain in the backside" typical haha.

    I'm pretty sure Sharm was bombed in 2005 so I wouldn't necessarily agree it's safe. We were visiting Egypt at the time doing a Nile cruise and weren't allowed off the boat without an armed guard because of the bombing. Mind you I live in London which is hardly any safer really!

  • Its safe now. Well kind of but we are going in 12 months so no telling what the situation will be then

    Anyways....... update is I made such a fuss and bombarded him with scary facts he caved in and booked lanzarote. I win!!!!!! We are not planning on bloody site seeing so its nice and warm and close and safe ;-)
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