FAO Popcorn

I got a little parcel in the post today, stuffed with ov sticks and pg tests.  Gift


Thanks so much, it really is very generous of you.  Plus, pefect timing since I can now TTC again.  I hope they are my lucky sticks!


Are you sure I can't pay you for postage?  It must have cost a bit.


  • I've just replied to your update post and so glad that the timing of the ov and pg tests coincides with you being able to ttc again.

    I absolutely will NOT take any money for postage, I am glad to be able to do something that might help you get your bfp if I'm honest, even if it is a little thing like sending you tests! Xxx

  • Ah, just seen this.

    Thanks, you're a lovely lady.

    Good luck today!

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