Favourite place to buy baby clothes

I thought I was going to be ridiculously excited about buying little girl clothes, but I haven't found anything that knocks me out yet. I'm not a big fan of over pink, and I prefer babygros for teeny babies as opposed to putting them in proper outfits. Anyone seen anything amazing? Attila is going to be mostly in hand-me-downs to start out (and lots of boys stuff!) so I want to get her a couoke of nice bits of her very own. 


  • N has lots from Next, Sainsburys and Boots, with other bits from the other supermarkets and a few from Baby Gap. Sainsburys have been really good for non pink girls stuff so far.

  • Definitely Sainburys, lots of funky babygros and clothes that aren't super girly! We get most of Z's stuff there!
  • Next is brilliant for babygrows.  Orla is now 7.5 mths and still lives in babygrows most of the times.  The next ones are lovely as are very much day wear as opposed to nightwear.  If you don't mind buying second hand then give me a shout as I have loads in tiny baby up to 3-6 mths that need new homes.

  • Agree with Margot, Sainsburys Next and Boots.  I like Sainsburys and Next for having inbuilt scratch mitts in their sleepsuits.

  • We've picked up some non pink bits in GAP (they had lots in their sale!), and we got some colourful stuff from Polarn O. Pyret too (again in the sale). I've found our Sainsburys rubbish for clothes, but occasionally has the odd nice bit, I imagine the bigger ones would be good.

  • Most of A's stuff comes from Asda (mainly babygrows that aren't too pink) and Sainsburys for general day outfits which she has some lovely bits from. Few things from H&M too

  • Lots of people liking Sainsburys then (except Flossy!) I'll have a look as I've not been in for ages. Thanks JB - I've actually got loads already but they're all either J's unisex bits or his neice's hand me downs, so I kind of want to buy Attila something new that's just for her. So far she has a mattress for her hand me down Moses basket and that's it!

  • I totally understand, I was the same with Orla.

  • I just love H&M, I buy all of A's clothes from there, some from the boys' section and some from the girls', mostly their clothes are fairly unisex but the 'girls' clothes just have a bit of pink on, they're not overly frilly.

  • I buy family children clothes from next, h and m, boots, GAP and mamas and papas.

  • Next and sainsburys for baby grows/basics. I also have an unhealthy mini Boden and frugi habit!!
  • Most of our stuff is Next, H&M and sainsburys. Vertbaudet online also have some really nice stuff and you can always get good voucher codes to save loads of money.
  • I'm another Sainsburys vote, but also like ASDA, Matalan, Next and Baby Gap (when on offer).

  • The majority of F's clothes are from Next, I love their stuff and they always fit F well.

    When he was in babygrows we had a lot from Tescos as well as Next.

  • I got a few ADORABLE things from polarn o pyret in the January sales.  It's such good quality stuff, and not overly pink (a must for me as well).  Their stuff is pricey, but if you buy in the sales it's well worth it.

  • H&M, Next and Debenhams.

  • Next, Sainsbuggers (esp The Gruffalo stuff) and Boots are my favourites. I do love George for low budget items too!

  • M&Co do some nice clothes too, they tend to be in smaller towns or you can buy online.

    Pumpkin Patch is a favourite for my older boy.

  • Oh yes, forgot M&Co....we've had some lovely gifts for O from there!

  • I've bought some from Zulily online in the sales, the clothes are well made and come with hangers and plastic covering.

    I've also bought from M&Co, M&S, TKMaxx, Baby Gap, Boots and Next.

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