Favourite toys for 6 - 12 mths

Just wondering what your "must have" toy was for 6 - 12 mths in case there i something we haven't got.


  • I don't think A has any one favourite. He enjoys, in no particular order... books, the Fisher-Price sit-to-stand giraffe, the Vtech baby walker, my empty cake tins, keys.

  • L loves his vtech sit and ride train we bought it for christmas when he was 6 months and still plays with it at 15 months

  • We got E a my pal Scout for christmas when she was 5 months and she still plays with it now at 15 months

  • Oh, also the Vtech walker!

  • E loves her activity table and sit to standard dancing tower. Also her mega blocks are a daily thing as are her wooden jigsaws (which she can't do properly but loves). Stacking cups and bath toys. Especially anything that makes rain! I must add a watering can to my shopping list,  currently using the colander!

  • Plastic balls in a ball pit is a fave here.

  • Cardboard box! She loves it.

  • Little Madam - the vtech fish thing makes bubbles and rain! Someone bought it for F and he loves it in the big bath.

  • We have a V Tech elephant that you put balls in and it pops them back out when you twist the elephants ear. Was a big hit here with J. Abigail had something similar when she was a baby and loved it too

  • Books! My daughter is & was a massive bookworm especially the that's not my books. She'd pull them off the shelf 1 at a time 'read it from front to back' then leave it open & get the next 1. In 15 minutes the whole of the bottom shelf would be stacked up!

    Any musical instruments (tambourine, rain stick, maraca), simple wooden puzzles & flags!!

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