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I'm mixed feeding A as I don't produce enough for her at all. Im expressing only too but that's another story.
she is 8 days old but will eat 120 plus ml per feed over 1.5 hours before she will settle. Its like the formula just doesn't fill her up. Then she is up again soon after for top ups
Should I eventually be thinking of hungry baby formula? And if so when? Im worried she isnt getting enough sleep at the moment.


  • She was 9lb 10 at birth
  • I wouldn't even be thinking about hungry baby formula yet, she is still so tiny. Remember at 8 days old, her tummy is still so tiny, a similar size to a walnut, which is why she is feeding slowly and frequently - this will get better as she gets bigger and able to take more at a time. Try not to worry about her sleep, she will sleep when she needs to.

    In terms of the expressing/BFing, I would suggest talking to a breastfeeding counsellor if you want to keep it up as they can give some expert advice. What makes you think you are not producing enough for her?

  • exactly what margot said she is tiny and her stomach is tiny disco was feeding all the time at this age some days all he did was eat or slep on me

  • That hungry baby stuff is just full of hard to digest stuff which is why it takes longer to feel hungry. I wouldn't even consider that yet. Some babies feed little and often, some every 5 hours. Just go with it for now (I know easy to say) and she should develop a rough pattern as her stomach grows every day. Henry was a 2 hourly baby until weaning Bawl

  • Thank you. You have put me at ease that its normal and she is ok x x
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