Feeding paraphernalia qn.

I know I'm thinking way ahead, but I'm hoping to breastfeed but am perfectly happy to bottle feed if it just doesn't happen for us. 

What back up gear would you buy? I'm trying to be prepare as I'm due at new year so thinking its not going to be easy to just pop to the shops.


  • I bought nothing other than nursing bras, breast pads and lansinoh. The shops will be open even on new year. I didn't want to waste money on stuff I hopefully wouldn't use.

  • I got bottles and sterilieer and breast pump in Asda baby event, thinking being that if I managed to breastfeed then I'd still want to express. Got it all for £30 I think. If you desperately needed it the 24hr supermarkets stock everything so you woukdnt be stuck if you wanted to wait

  • Can I ask a *REALLY* stupid question? If you express breast milk, do you still warm it?

    (Runs away and blushes)

    that would be my thinking too, how many bottles did you get?

  • I have to say, my hubby is always overprepared so we had EVERYTHING for bottle feeding, inc rubbishy warmer things and TWO microwave sterilisers etc, just in case. Needless to say none of it got used as bf went well.

    If I'd done it my way I'd have had none of those bits, I think it helped that he actually listened hen I said not to have any formula in the house. I didn't want temptation there when bf was hard (which it was at times to begin with). We have a 24hr Tesco nearby so could have got something if we needed.

  • I did buy a pump but it was on special offer in Boots so I knew I could get my money back selling it on or there abouts, that came with some bottles and teats. I didn't buy any formula because I didn't want the temptation if it got a bit tough. I never bought a steriliser, just used the microwave bags.

    Breast pads, nursing bras and lasinoh are a must.

    Wrt EBM temperature it depends on the baby, A had his at fridge or room temp until 9 months when he insisted it had to be warm. We've always just warmed it in a jug of hot water (although we switched to formula at 10 months, which is easier to make warm so it wasn't an issue for long)

  • Thank you all, that's really helpful!

  • I planned to breastfeed and didnt buy bottles etc "just in case". I only bought breastpads, lanoish and feeding bras.

    Even if you do plan to express and bottle feed - you shouldn't introduce the bottle until baby is 4-6weeks old as this is when breastfeeding is established - otherwise you can cause nipple confusion. You can cup feed expressed milk to baby in the very early days.

    I found expressing, sterilizing bottles, warming it (yes you need to warm it) a right hassle and abandoned it pretty quickly (breastfed for 19months tho) Some people can express easily though.

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